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The Pros And Cons Of Smart Tv You Must Know

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As the world steps ahead under the umbrella of digitalization, the use of traditional TV sets has been gradually replaced by the smart TV’s, which are considered to be more multifunctional. Along with its classic uses, these TV sets have more in one function, allowing the users to take part in several activities at once. The modern world considers such a gadget to be the ultimate device that can be used for streaming for various channels and episodes. But how did the smart TV rise to its fame? It is thus, really crucial to understand as to why smart TV sets are being sold on a larger scale and what its actual profits are. Thus, some of the advantages of Smart TV are as follows:

  1. A smart TV is equipped with WIFI-

One of the coolest smart gadgets like Samsung Galaxy Tab in Malaysia ensures that the user’s stay connected all the time through WIFI connection. This can be used in two ways- first by connecting to the router if present or through the mobile connection. Once all the entries are done, the TV functions more or less like a smartphone with all functions. Even the internet can be used to play songs and watch movies as well. This adds to the advantage of big-screen viewing in a restriction on mobile screens.

  1. Browsing is now multi-directional

The nature of a smart TV is multi-directional. This means that the inbuilt features of the system have all sorts of functions, whereby browsing has become easier. You can open Netflix, Amazon Prime and watch all the shows without any difficulty. Along with that, other channels are also available thereby broadening the spectrum. This allows for more entertainment and fun at the same time.

  1. Applications can run on smart TVs too-

Just like Huawei Tablet in Malaysia, smart TVs also have the facility of installing all sorts of applications from the Google play store. This is by default present in the system and suitable apps can be downloaded for fun as well for other work sectors too. This has ultimately lived up to a great technological experience with added benefits.

Disadvantages of smart TV’s:

Along with great technological inputs, smart TV also has certain disadvantages that all users must know about. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Smart TV’s cause endless addictions-

While there are additional comforts of web surfing and downloading applications, smart TV is also a gadget that brings forth certain concerns. Due to the multifunctional aspect present in it, most of the youngsters actually get addicted to the machine. The scene of playing football on the smart TV is more pleasant than playing on the virtual ground. This can tremendously affect the health of all and can lead to poor addiction issues. Moderate watching on Smart TV can still be counted.

  1. More than a trillion bacteria are present in smart TV’s-

Smart TV’s are made with special technological tools that are considered harmful to the body. The rays emitted from the TV is not at all a thing to celebrate and thus, the home atmosphere is being polluted as well. According to the latest research done by a team of experts, more than a trillion bacteria are present in a smart TV and this can be transmitted to the human body through the rays, and the screen touch process. This decreases the health condition of all, thereby affecting the lifestyle as well.

  1. Excessive watching in a Smart TV can lead to brain hemorrhage-

Once you are addicted to the smart TV experience, more and more time is spent on that machine, resulting in brain hemorrhage as well. Such a condition affects 2 out of 10 individuals and thereby the risk definitely is on the higher side.

With all of the above stated, surely the technology is good on one side and bad on the other. But care is to be taken to minimize the effects and this can be done if priorities are raised and proper knowledge is incurred before the buying of the Smart TV. Even the viewing time must be reduced to the possible minimum.

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