The Ultimate House Hacks to Maximize Your Tiny Space

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With bills and living costs constantly rising, living in a small house also means living with a smart choice. We can’t argue about the fact that some (or maybe most) people wish they had a huge, fancy house with some generous kitchen and all. But despite the dominance of large homes, more and more residents are now learning the benefits of small living ‒ from energy efficiency to less cleaning and maintenance, there surely are a great number of reasons to ditch the wildly extravagant homes for tiny, adorable ones.

However, part of the good things about living small is also the biggest dilemma concerning its size which means homeowners would necessitate more storage spaces for their stuff. Many people have several weights of belongings, collections, memorabilia, and other ephemera that they can’t let go and that they have no room for. But just because their homes are small doesn’t mean they can’t live large. You know what I mean about that, right? To help you solve the big, big puzzle, here are the modern hacks that will help you maximize your tiny space at home.  


Create window seats.


We’ve been seeing a lot of designs like this in previous homes but the good thing about it is that it never really went out of style. Window seats are not just beautiful but they also have this particular purpose of saving the room’s space and make it more functional. A window seat is a miniature type of sofa, designed without a back to fill the rest of the room’s windows. You can also utilize the excess space by attaching storage cabinets or bookshelves to have more rooms for your belongings. It doesn’t only save you space but it also warms your atmosphere as you take a seat and get surrounded by natural light and beautiful garden or city views outside.      


Go for vertical greenery.

Not having a yard or any space for a home garden is not a problem with vertical greenery. If you’re worried about your plants, do not waste those empty walls and try decorating them with DIY hanging planters for a cozy and healthy environment at home.



Compose an outdoor living space.

Before you let your project home builders finalize the blueprint, make sure to add an outdoor living space to it. This is not just a functional spot where you can either enjoy your visitors’ company or have a coffee by yourself in the morning. Adding an outdoor space is also aesthetically pleasing and a great place to relax and decompress.  



Choose a compact vanity table

Rather than having a dresser cabinet that will unnecessarily consume some extra space, try using compact tables and vanities. You can repurpose a hanging shelf, add some details to it like a lampshade, makeup kits, mirrors, and chairs ‒ and voila! You can have your vanity table without obsessing too much space.



Use hanging storage.

Another way of making the most of your empty wall is by attaching storage boxes on it. Hanging storage is not just functional but can be stylish, too, especially when they come in delightful colors. Plus, utilizing walls for storage can save more space than having these storage boxes on the floor.    




Utilize the space under the stairs.

This trick is very common to tiny houses these days. Instead of wasting the space under the staircases, why not build cabinets with doors, locks, and handles to come up with under staircase cabinets where you can safely store your scattered belongings. You can also try drawers, bookshelves, study tables, or even wine racks.  



Use glass walls for room divisions.

Glass walls are better separators than those traditional cement or concrete walls. Aside from consuming less space, glass is making an illusion that separates spaces without visually dividing the room. This gives you a wider field to look at.   


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