What are the common eye injuries

What are the common eye injuries? For what type of injury you can claim compensation?

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The human eye is an organ that helps us to see. Eyes are one of the sensitive parts of the body. Our eyes even shrink when light exposure is massive. Dust particles can also create irritation in the eyeball. Any injury to the eye can cause a severe problem and is very painful. Severe injuries can also lead to blindness sometimes temporary or permanent.

If you are involved in an accident which causes the injuries to the eyes or other parts of the body, you can claim compensation. Remember that you can only claim compensation if you are innocent in the accident. You will claim compensation against the liable party whose negligence caused the accident.

Common eyes injuries

Various eye injuries can occur in an accident.

Chemical substance

These types of eye injuries are common in industries or laboratory. As you know, in industries, you deal with the concentrated substance; the interaction with this substance can cause serious injuries.

The chemical can splash into the eye or may be due to the spray accident. Eyes are sensitive to the chemicals, especially acids. You need to get medical treatment as soon as possible. If you delay the treatment, you may lose your vision.

The employee should be trained well about their job and to deal with the accident. The should know how to minimize the effects of a substance in the eyes. In typical cases, you can use warm water to dilute the chemical inside your eyes.

Swelling of eyes

Swelling of eyes is also normal in some cases. If this occurs due to accidental contact with other tools, it may be severe. However, whether the condition or impact is severe or not, you should seek the medical attention immediately.

Foreign object penetration

Penetration of foreign objects in or around the eyes can cause serious injury. If you get any injury due to the penetration of foreign object, you need to get the medical attention immediately. If you delay the treatment, you may lose your vision.

In industry work, you can use safety equipment to work in a safe environment. These equipment are usually provided by employer or safety inspectors. If you use safety equipment, the chance of getting injuries is reduced up to 10 percent.

Scratched Cornea

Scratched in the cornea is a common injury in an accident. Accidental impact of a finger in your eyes or dust particles can cause scratches in the cornea. This can also occur due to tot eh rubbing your eyes during the irritation. In this situation, you need to get medical attention immediately because injury to the cornea can cause blindness and blur vision problems.

For what you can claim eye injury

Eye injury claims are extremely common in the UK. You can claim eye injuries if:

  • Burns from flame proximity or fire
  • Electric shock
  • Chemical contact
  • Laser eye surgery negligence
  • Head trauma
  • Sharp object penetration

For what you can claim eye injury?

If your one or both eyes are affected in an accident due to someone else negligence, you can claim compensation. You can claim compensation for:

  • Loss of vision in one eye
  • Loss of vision in both eyes
  • Blindness
  • Injuries to both eyes

How to register a claim

After the damage in an accident, you need to get the treatment. If you delay the treatment, it can even put your life in danger. In some situations, you can also lose your claim right.

After the treatment, you can seek the advice of the solicitor. You should consult with an experienced and professional personal injury solicitor. The solicitor should have years of experience in the relevant injury field.

Personal injury solicitor can help you in many ways. He can gather the evidence from the accident area. Furthermore, he can also contact with eyewitness for court hearings. You can also seek the help of personal injury solicitor bury to calculate the damage due to the accident. Personal injury solicitor will send the legal notice to the liable person. After that, he will have to prove himself innocent in court. This process might take months to years. In this meantime, you will go to the court just once or twice.

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