What You Want Know About An Immigration?

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New Zealand may not lure as numerous Irish as its Aussie neighbor, but its added temperate climate, lush green scenery and moderate cost of living make it an attractive option for young people and families who are watching to find the latest home down under, particularly for workers in construction trades.

The New Zealand administration took a tumble throughout the same time as the return hit Ireland in 2008, but it didn’t fall as far and recovered much more quickly. The unemployment rate was just 4.4 per cent in May 2018, the lowest after the last quarter of 2008.

Ireland is one of the countries targeted by the New Zealand government to fill acute skills shortages, which have happened in industries ranging from construction to hospitality, healthcare and information technology in contemporary times.

Although the amount of Irish people travelling and Immigrate to New Zealand there has been declining since it peaked in 2013, when more than 5,000 Irish got visas to operate there, it continues a favorite destination, with more than 3,300 Irish granted work visas in 2017.

Still, want convincing? All three major cities get longer than 2,000 hours of sunshine a year (compared with 1,600 in Ireland’s sunny southeast). There are numerous sandy beaches with top surf spots, ski resorts in the mountains, and beautiful lakes, rivers and fjords to explore.

But no matter how attractive the development of scenery or the promise of a suitable job in New Zealand may be, it is essential to do thorough research in advance of such a significant movement, whether you are travelling alone or with a whole family.

This lead provides an overview of the main points to consider, with links to official government websites and other useful online resources where you can go for more detailed information.

Visa guide: Introduction to the most popular visa types for Irish workers, from the working holiday visa to options for a more extended stay, including employer and state sponsorship, permanent residency and citizenship.

Finding a place to live: Summary of the property market, short-term accommodation options, the average cost of renting and buying a home in each of the main cities, and how to find cheap furniture.

Which city? The most common locations for Irish people, and what they contribute in terms of jobs and lifestyle.

Finding a job: Introduction to the contemporary economic climate in New Zealand, exploring the job market, what skills/occupations are currently in need and where, and advice on how to job search.

Health: Who is entitled to government healthcare, what costs are included, and health insurance options.

Education: How the education method is run, third-level titles and prices.

Culture and lifestyle: Multicultural, awash with restaurants, plenty of sport and significant events – and that’s just Auckland.

Finance: How sufficient money you should bring to get set up, how the cost of living relates to Ireland and an introduction to the tax practice.

Directory: Contact details for Irish organisations, sports and culture clubs, online social networks and other essential support organisations.

(Note: the information in this example, which is intended as a summary, was correct at date of publication. Visa arrangements change regularly, so candidates should review the New Zealand Department of Immigration website for the most up-to-date information). Opt New Zealand Immigration Delhi for good results.

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