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Which one is Easier to Handle- Cans or Bottled Drinks

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Beverages are considered to be the most selling products of the 21st century. There are many stores that increase their profit by managing their beverages. There are many beverages that are out in the market. The popular beverages increase the sales for sure while the new brands also hold importance. Whether it’s a hot climate or a cold temperature, people love to drink beverages as a refreshment drink. Almost every beverage comes up with two types of packaging. One is in the can while the other one is in a bottle.

The can and bottle drinks look similar but are different in every perspective. When it comes to choosing one it’s hard to decide what’s the right choice. The retailer often gets confused and consider both types of drink in their store. The focus of many retailers is on the bottled drinks while some carry cans in their framec countertop freezers. While the problem of selecting the right packaging continues with many consumers. The shape of the can looks great while the bottled drinks are visible. This blog comes up with key points of both can and bottled drinks that will help you to choose the right one.

 The Bottle Drinks

There are two types of bottled drinks one is made up of plastic while the other one is made up of glass. Let’s discuss both the packaging of the bottled drinks and the other elements.

Plastic Packaging

The manufacturing of plastic starts with oil and gas. The natural crude oil obtains from the earth crust that is beneath the layers of bedrock cause environmental issues. The environment is getting more polluted that directly affects the health of human beings.

Glass Packaging

The combination of various elements including the limestone, liquefied sand and soda ash make up the glass that holds beverages. The valuable raw material limestone obtains by the mining that contaminates water and also causes noise pollution.

 Product Handling

When it comes to product handling both the plastic and glass beverages behave differently.

  • Plastic: The plastic beverages are easy to handle but obtain more space. These bottles are also unhygienic according to some doctors. The use of plastic products can cause cancer.
  • Glass: The handling of glass is dependent on the person. Whether you are a retailer or a consumer, the slight negligence and break glass bottled drink into many pieces.


The taste of plastic and glass bottled drinks slightly varies as compared to the can drinks. The bottled drinks lose their fizz more quickly than the can.

The Cans

The cans are one of the most popular packaging’s of any beverage. Let’s discuss the packaging of the can and the other elements.

Can Packaging

The aluminum is used in the packaging of the can. The researchers found that the aluminum cans don’t contain bisphenol A (BPA) that cause cancer. This element is found in the bottled drinks which are still in the market due to the manufacturers.


The taste of beverage in the can is more delicious as compared to the bottled drink. The reason is the fizz that remains in the can.


The handling of the can is easier rather than plastic or glass bottled drinks. They don’t take more space and are recycled after their use.

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