The Relevance of White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

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White Labeling… Fair-Enough!!

It’s often said, in the context of business, not to invest time, money and other resources on re-inventing the wheel. It not only taxes the time and effort of the re-inventor but also destroys the profitability of the business of the inventor… and it’s not just with respect to the wheel! This is probably one of the reasons why the practice of ‘white labeling’ came into practice.

Why White Labeling?

The primary reason why white labeling came into existence has already been discussed – organizations do not want to invest their resources on functionality that can be derived from another third-party product. The practice of white labeling gives credibility and an identity to the buyer of your product, while the quality remains the creator’s! This holds intensely true for complicated-to-build software like cryptocurrency exchange engines.

The Advantages of White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

White label crypto exchange software offer extreme levels of customization that it’s difficult to map the final product to its parent, at least in terms of the interface. These software promise high-performance, with a matching engine working at 20000 TPS.

There are also advantages of one-page exchange that not only make the process faster by eliminating KYC process verification and allowing simultaneous trading but takes it to the most basic users with its intuitive interface.

Most of the white label cryptocurrency trading platforms can trade multiple currencies like bitcoin and ether. The juggernaut of bitcoin is creating a rising demand for white label bitcoin exchange platforms. The platform sports basic features like a multicurrency wallet, payment gateway, and API integration, and has SEM and SEO enabled.

The Advantages… Through A Magnifying Glass!

The pinnacle of white label cryptocurrency exchange development has to be in creating a one-page exchange sofware. The one-page exchange solution, in addition to the advantages of high-performing matching engine and customizability, provides a host of other advantages:

1) Since there are no intermediaries involved in the wallet-to-wallet transaction system, it is highly secure and private.

2) The absence of third party negotiations ensures that there is no tailgating. This method restricts any knowldge about the ongoing negotiation.

3) The two-factor authentication using the QR code and the backup code facilitates a smooth login.

The Market of the Future

Launching a cryptocurrency platform by making use of white label trading engines has been made easy by many blockchain companies. The steps are quite simple and straightforward – gather requirements, implement jurisdictional changes, install the matching engine, integrate the various blockchains, enhance the security…and any company is now ready to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Enter Blockchain App Factory’s Services

Blockchain App Factory, a global leader and pioneer in creating robust applications on the ethereum blockchain, brings you white label cryptocurrency exchange developent services. Our expertise in various cryptocurrencies and our mettle in cryptocurrency exchange development make us ideal partners in creating the perfect white label cryptocurrency exchange software best-suited and customized for your business-needs!

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