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Why Data Scientists Are In Demand?

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Data scientist’s jobs are increasing rapidly by 51% which is more than the other fields. Data scientists are individuals who use scientific methods, algorithms, etc. to bring out information from any kind or sort of data. We are living in the era of mobile & website design development technology and digitalization and due to this data is very crucial and important.


1. Less number of people: There are very few people who are well aware of this field and want to work in this field. This is very obvious that if there are less number of people in competition the demand will increase automatically. Due to a lack of awareness among people, people don’t take it as a profession which makes it even more demanding. Although nowadays people are considering this as a promising career option still it does not have the number of people it requires. Fewer people engaged makes it more demanding in the market.

2. Companies focusing on data science: Now there are more companies that focus on data science and that’s why the demand for data scientists is increasing. There are many companies that work in the field of data science. As we are the new online generation and have most of our data online it is important to analyze the data. The job of data analysis and bring out important information from the data. We all know about the case where Facebook leaked the data of many people and how big of chaos it created. There were cases on Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) about leaking the data which is exactly like invading the people’s privacy. By this, we can see how important data is for companies. Not every data is useful hence we require data scientists to only give us the important information which is useful.

And that’s why there are many companies that are working in the field of data science and make this a demanding field.

3. Emerging as a high paying career: Due to the high demand for data scientists, it is emerging as a high paying career. You can make a very decent amount of money. It is also one of those attractions which attracts a lot of people towards data science. Because data science is high paying, it is one of the very demanding fields.


This is one of the most common questions that people have in mind that how can we become a data scientist. Just like any other profession you need to enroll in the course of data science.

You can also look for many online courses in data science such as on edX, unacademy and many more or you can go institutes to learn this course and enroll there. There are many institutes that offer data science course.

You can go for distance learning courses for data science. Once you have completed the course you are supposed to appear for an exam and if you clear this exam you will be a data scientist.

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