A Water Storage Tank for Rainwater Harvesting

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Rainwater storage harvesting carries more benefits than you ever imagined. It makes the maximum use of rain water and reduces the burden on other water sources such as ground water reserves, lakes, and rivers. Rainwater can be stored in a water storage tank and the water therein can be filtered and re-used for several different applications.

For instance, harvested rainwater could be used for gardening and landscaping, washing cars, in the flush tank, for feeding livestock, and so on. In fact, this water can also be filtered and treated to make it potable.

Areas where water scarcity is widespread can benefit from the use of the right rainwater harvesting systems and tanks. A fiberglass tank is the best option for harvesting rain water as it is entirely non-corrosive. It is the best solution for storing water safely, without the risk of contamination.

A steel tank would have been the conventional choice, but since it is prone to corrosion and the resulting maintenance, it might not be considered to be the most viable option today.

A water storage tank being used for rainwater harvesting can be fitted with several different types of accessories that enhance the filtering, storage, and access process.

Here are some advantages of tanks used in the rainwater harvesting process:

If planned and implemented in the right manner, such tanks are capable of capturing up to 100% rainwater from a particular surface.

These tanks are suitable for various applications such as landscaping, storm water, potable drinking water, gray water, and so on.

There are several different tank ranges available, and these are capable of storing around 300 gallons to 60,000 gallons of water.

The tanks can also be fitted with special accessories and components for the purpose of filtering out oil, particulate contaminants, and organisms.

Whether it is a fiberglass or steel tank, you can store water and re-use. This helps save a lot of money, as the cost of water is increasing year on year. This, thus, becomes an economical investment.

There are several manufacturers that offer non-corrosive tanks made from fiberglass. These tanks are entirely safe to use, and can last for several years.

The use of a steel or fiberglass tank is not limited to storing water underground. It can be used for a myriad of innovative uses such as building cooling, eco fountains, and rooftop farming, and so on.

Thus, rainwater can be used in hundreds of different ways as long as the water storage tank is code-complaint. This is the most environment friendly way to store water and ease the burden on other natural water sources. To reiterate, rainwater harvesting is a sustainable way of life and it can be implemented virtually anywhere.



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