Business Intelligence (BI) tools and software are the new means to increase productivity, streamline processes and ensure greater customer satisfaction. BI tools help identify and assess trends and gain insights to help develop better business strategies. 

These tools offer analysis services, integration services and reporting services among a host of other important business services. This piece of writing gives a detailed account of the much-in-demand BI Reporting tools. Everything you need to know about these tools has been discussed here.

Reporting – An Essential Part of Business Development

Reporting is an essential part of any business. It forms a part of the analysis stage. It gives an overview of the way various tasks are being handled at different levels within an organization. Reporting involves working on huge data. 

The data is sorted and depicted in such a way that it can be comprehended by the end users. The depiction of data is usually done in the form of tables, charts or graphs. The task is intricate. A small mistake and the whole purpose of reporting can go for a toss.

In the past, reporting was done manually and there were high chances of error. Besides, the reports derived were static and there was no scope of modification. 

BI reporting tools allow breaking complex data with just the click of a button and generate reports in different visual forms. 

The reports can be updated easily using BI reporting tools. These tools work on real time data and provide the latest insights about the workings of various business processes. 

BI Reporting – A Tool to Empower Business

The ultimate goal of a BI reporting tool is to help the business owners see, assess and understand the progress of different business processes within their organization regularly and easily. 

BI reporting tools help in generating reports instantly in real time to enable business owners to take crucial decisions well in time.

With BI reporting tools, huge, complex data is represented in a way that the management can analyze and comprehend it with ease and convert it into actionable information. BI reporting tools present data in an interactive mode. 

They allow the data to be sort by using filters. This helps in viewing the part that requires immediate action. The users can instantly drill down to particular information using drop down menus. Advanced BI reporting tools enable the following:

  • Greater levels of interactivity within a report
  • View key performance indicators
  • Measure goals between different processes and departments
  • Track and gauge strategic business goals
  • Access to historical information that is difficult to trace over time

BI Reporting Tools for All Kinds of Businesses

Contrary to the popular belief, BI reporting tools aren’t complex. These are meant to simplify analysis and reporting tasks. BI reporting tools can easily be employed to understand big data and yield a profit. 

These are helpful for businesses operating at different scales. Many big organizations have been using these reporting tools to generate reports and build new strategies based on the same. 

However, it has been observed that start ups and small scale business owners are hesitant to use these as they believe these are difficult to use. It is time for the small scale business owners to realise that these tools are extremely easy to use and can be a real value addition to their business.  

KloudGin’s Smart BI Reporting Tools

KloudGin’s smart BI reporting tools can be integrated with various businesses to help with data analysis and report generation. 

Big data from FSM software, Utilities software and asset management software can be examined and represented in different visual forms such as graphs and charts for the ease of the end user. 

The reports generated are accurate and up to date. These are used to understand as to how effective the already implemented business strategies are. 

Based on these reports, the business owner and management can take decision on whether these strategies should be modified to make way for better ones.

Apart from generating accurate reports, KloudGin also ensures that the visualization of the reports are easy to understand and appealing to the eye. This is crucial for the end users but often neglected by most BI reporting tools.

BI reporting tools are a must for every organization. However, it is suggested to do a thorough market research before opting for this service to ensure the best outcome.