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How to Apply for a Scholarship to Study Abroad? 7 Unique Tips to Follow to Succeed

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Many of us view study abroad opportunities as pricey. However, as the saying goes; where there’s a will there’s a way; so, it is true for finding an inexpensive way to study abroad. Scholarships and grants then become your go-to helping hand.

Yes, most scholarships are competitive. Even so, some other scholarship opportunities are easier to win. In turn, in the case of a few applications, some programs opt for low-quality winners.

Already getting exciting to work on your study abroad application essay? Read on

How to secure yourself a study abroad scholarship

  1. Take the initiative and Ask for help

The biggest hurdle is finding a program that will help you reduce the cost of your studies overseas. If your school has a study abroad office, ask them for help. In person visits are preferable.

You may also receive advice on how to craft a compelling essay for a scholarship.

  1. Identify the opportunities you qualify for

Since the application process will require a good investment of your time; it’s paramount that you find scholarship opportunities in which you meet their eligibility criteria. Also, you should try to apply to as many opportunities as possible.

Set aside at least three days a week, and allocate three hours to craft your applications.

  1. Consider Local Options

It’s advisable to start your scholarship search with local providers. That is before you consider the external services. Check the bulletin boards or pay a visit to the guidance counselor office.

You can also check out the jobs and career section of the library.

  1. Request for Recommendation letters

Some scholarships require you to provide a letter(s) of recommendation. If so, you need to identify the persons who could speak highly for you and boost your candidacy. They should be individuals you’ve interacted with professionally or in academics.

Provide them with information about the scholarship, reasons why you qualify, and a copy of your resume. All these should be in short bullet points.

As for your essay for scholarship

  1. Start Early

The pressure of time often leads to the production of low-quality products. The same is true when making your study abroad personal statement. Identify the deadline for application for the select programs.

Create a calendar and checklist to keep you organized.

  1. Understand the requirements

To make your essay stand out, you have to personalize it and demonstrate passion. Provide evidence for the statements you make. As you do this, also remember to read and follow the application instructions.

If you tailor the content to the goals of the sponsor, you make the material more memorable.

  1. Proofread and make a copy

You may consider reading all your application documents out loud. Identify and rectify any errors that may be present. These minor errors could cost you the opportunity.

Get a copy of the documents before you submit and where possible, request for delivery information.

Final Advice on Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities

The only thing standing between you and the opportunity to go overseas could be finding the right scholarship. Therefore, it’s essential to start your search early and with the local providers.

Also, when selecting the opportunities to apply to, don’t ignore the small awards and contests. The aid you win could add up to a significant figure. Opt for less competitive opportunities.

It may mean considering countries that aren’t popular for study abroad students. All in all, you should ensure that your application materials sell you as the ideal beneficiary. Good luck!

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