Know how to Juice out the Maximum Level of Fun during China Photography Tour

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The camera is an extended version of oneself. It is an unadulterated way to capture the world as it is. A person can use the opportunity to share his/her vision from a unique perspective. And, when a person is on the edge of getting the title, ‘Globetrotter’, a camera becomes his/her best friend. From instilling the alluring landscape to ever busy city spirits – every expression of a place lives forever through photographs. However, for many people, this may be the first expedition. Now, a modern day is simply incomplete with a memory card full of photographs. To document every exciting bit of your oriental safari, the essence of a photography tour is hard to overlook.

A photography tour is also a great way to develop analyzing skills. The tour guide takes you to the right place at the right time. Here, you can taste the freedom of experimenting with perspectives, shots, and other things. In a nutshell, it is an authentic experience to find the urban or country landscape in a new light. The prime concern is to have maximum fun. But, you cannot forget about city emotions. Now keeping aside everything; are you aware of the basic photography tips? How do you catch the kindest expressions of humanity through your lens? Or, how do you arrest bewitching landscape through the viewfinder? No, the answers are not blowing in the wild because the list of solutions is endless. As you are almost ready to set out for China photography tour, you must learn the basics of photography. Go through the following section to understand how to prepare for city tours or wildlife tours.

Getting around Cities of Yunnan

No matter whether you are exploring Lijiang, Dali, or Kunming, you need to make the best out of limited opportunities. Prepare your gear to get some interesting shots. Why don’t you crane the neck out (of course, safety comes first) and take some cool shots? Or, you can go top of the building for capturing a breathtaking cityscape. If you are focusing on human expressions, get close to the subject. Roaming around with a huge lens in a crowded market is never the right way to visualize what you wish to express. The struggle may get real and you should focus on a series of tips –

  • Use a wide-angle lens, not with a telephoto lens
  • Find out the special elements of Kunming or Dali
  • Protect the camera from extreme weather conditions
  • Experiment with camera settings

Stay amid the Sea of Wildlife Creatures

Have you booked tickets for Qinghai? From icy peaks to Gobi deserts – everything may create a paradise for a true wildlife enthusiastic. Before you prepare yourself for wild yak, Tibetan antelope, or kiang, safety must be your first priority. Then you can focus on the camera gears. It is better to shoot in RAW images for capturing vibrant details of nature. Yes, the images are 8x bigger than the regular format, jpeg. Again, you need to take advantage of the best setting of your camera. Did you get the DSLR for its burst mode?  Or, did you get the lens for utilizing the macro mode? Taking shots of teeny-tiny insects can be a rewarding experience. No matter what you are roping in, keep a tripod and lens rain cover with you. During the wildlife tour, you would definitely expect some low-light conditions. Additionally, keep the following tips in mind –

  • Scout the location beforehand
  • Pay heed to tour guide’s warnings in difficult terrains
  • Do not disturb or bait wild creatures
  • Use your smartphone sometimes

If you are equipped to follow the previously mentioned tips, you can explore the other side of Sichuan with Chengdu day tour.

Author bio: Bethany Bear is a travel fanatic who has penned down her experience of Chengdu day tour on her blog. Here, she candidly discusses how a beginner should undertake preparation for China photography tour.

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