Utilise Water Features Melbourne for Enhancing Feng Shui Element at Different Places

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Water fountains are popular for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of an indoor or outdoor space. Again, the water element can contribute to the feng shui cures. There are various types available and wall-mounts, free-standing, and tabletops are only a few to name. You can place the feature at home or office because water is one of the five fen shui aspects. Water signifies prosperity and wealth. That’s why it would be a wise choice in installing a little water fountain at work and home.

The experts suggest that every living thing on earth depends on water. As you activate the water element, you are sustaining chi energy. This can boost the life journey and new beginnings. However, the right application of feng shui can relax home environment and improve business growth. Go through the following tips to utilise the service of water features Melbourne and reap benefits from feng shui.

Using Feng Shui at Home

Feng shui is a way to bring harmony in life. Feng shui calls for clean and strong décor. An indoor water element can create a sense of balance and harmony in the living space, therefore. For enhancing the energy of the water element, you need to keep the spaces clutter-free. The air quality is then better and you can also live in a healthy place. So, you can bring a tabletop fountain or a water feature with Buddha art. Don’t forget to input own style in the fountain.

The fountains are not exactly expensive but you should invest well on a top quality product. Only then it becomes a part of the architecture. Always consider the size before finalising the decision. As you incorporate the design, you are guaranteed to create a balancing effect.

Picking out Feng Shui Feature

It is not mandatory that the water fountain needs to Asia. It is important to invest in a water feature that matches with home decorating style. Plastic, metal, stone, ceramic and wood – these are the few materials used for quality feng shui fountain. This type comes with silent motor for maintaining a peaceful environment. Also, make sure that there are no sharp edges.

Placing in the Right Direction

Bagua determines a suitable place for the fountain. Southeast, north and east – these three directions are best for the fountain. Southeast area is dedicated to wealth and money. Needless to say, the fountain in this direction can bestow with an abundance of wealth. Moving on to the east, this direction is for the wood element. Water element nourishes the wood. Therefore, it indicates wellbeing of spiritual, physical and mental health. In addition to the context, north relates to your career path. It is the ideal place to install a fountain because the element is water.

Never Place Fountain here

As there is a benefit of nourishing energy when placed in the right direction, the wrong direction can call a disaster. You should never place the fountain because it will clash with the fire element. The conflicting energy is not likely to create a fruitful result. Water puts out the fire and the cycle would go on. Do not put the fountain under the staircase, either. This could bring negative news for the children of the house.

If you are mindful about following the above-mentioned suggestions, check out the collection of fountains Melbourne.

Author bio: Ben Zouch is a home improvement blogger with a keen interest in decorating home with the service of fountains Melbourne. Here, he talks about how you must incorporate feng shui through the facility of water features Melbourne.

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