Google is hosting an unlimited number of sites and to decide the ranking of a website in a search engine Google considers a huge number of factors. To make your website one of the top-ranking sites in Google’s search engine it is important that it has a high domain authority.

What is a Domain Authority?

Domain Authority was developed by Moz that was a software company. It indicates a number to tell the authority of your website, in other words, it is a search engine ranking score that ranges from 1 to 100. The score is given after considering various factors of a website. The high DA shows that you have a greater chance to rank high in the search engine result pages (SERPS). Domain Authority is not PageRank. PageRank is used by Google to rank the score of a website.

How to see the Domain Authority of your website?

It is important to see your DA as it will tell you where is your website standing or ranking? You can see it by using various available domain authority checkers. You can also see the DA score of your site through Moz and for this, you just need to go to the Moz open site explorer. Now type your domain in the URL box and get the result.

Important steps to improve the DA

If your Prepostseo Domain Authority checker is showing you score less than 20 or 30 you must work on its improvement. Through some simple and easy ways, you can improve your website’s DA.

Publish long and detailed quality content

For raising up your DA you need people who can link to your content. The linked content must be detailed, based on well-researched authentic information. Add case studies, examples, and explanations on a topic. A normal length of such articles should be more than 800 worlds ideally.

While writing a long article does not compromise on the quality as the quality of the content is a must thing. Do not copy-paste the content from a site and do not use the same words again and again. It is better to use synonyms. Therefore, while publishing content on your website keeps in mind all these elements.

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Social Media

To increase your DA and your brand Social Media is one of the best sources. It also helps you to bring more traffic to your site. Create your website profile on all the major Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. Set your profile in a proper way and to enhance the credibility use of professional design and attitude to run it. On these sites share your high-quality content to gain more high-profile followers on your website. Share your site’s links on your social media pages and it will automatically increase your DA.

Check your link profile

Google likes your profile if you have good links. It is better to get rid of bad links to make the DA better. In this process, the Moz explorer can help you out as you can identify all the toxic or bad links that are available on your site. After identifying all the negative links you can ask the owner of that specific site to remove it or add the no-follow tag on it so that the link never affects your website.

After removing all the bad links from your website the next step is a bit difficult as you need to put some effort and research and this step is gaining good links for your website. Before adding any link to your site first search it and see whether it is credible or not, will it help you to strengthen your link profile or not? If it is a good link gain it and add it in your link profile.

On-Page SEO

Another way of optimization is On-Page SEO. it can take your domain authority from low to high. If your On-Page SEO is effective that includes various things like the title of the page, keywords selection and the placement of keywords, and keyword density all these factors have their huge impact on increasing the DA. You can make it strong by keeping in mind a few things like do not use keyword density a lot keep it between 0.5% to 1.5% it is enough.

Always look for a perfect targeted keyword for your content or blog and try to use your focus keyword at least once in the first introductory paragraph of your blog. Use headline tags it can be a number or something to make them prominent. SEO friendly permalink structure with your focus keyword, keyword-rich titles, image optimization, and a filled Meta description all these elements boost your On-Page SEO and automatically plays its role in increasing your website’s DA.

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Increase publishing the content on your website

To keep your website or blog alive you need to increase your publishing on your site frequently. It is really hard to post a blog on a regular basis but it is compulsory to increase your DA. For increasing your DA and for its consistency you need to publish the content on a regular basis. Regular blogging will not only increase the DA but also beneficial for you in other terms like it will bring more traffic on your site, your writing skills will enhance, and people will start trusting you and will rely on your content.

Write posts with top lists

Top lists of posts or blogs are also playing an important role in increasing the DA. In the top list, the number is the key. Like the 10 top fitness quotes, the top 15 lifestyle blogs. People love to know about top things related to any product or topic in a simple blog. For example in an article of the top 15 hotels in Turkey, a reader can know about all the top hotels of Turkey in a single blog from his trustworthy writer they will not only read it but will share it. Similarly, if you add a product, a person, in your top list blogs those persons and companies will share your blog on their sites to gain the confidence of the people. This technique is also very useful to not only bring more traffic on your site but also to increase your domain authority.