From travels jeans to cardigans, to thermal underwear, this blog explores 5 essential clothing items to pack for women traveling this winter.

Traveling during the winter is a lot of fun, especially during the holiday season. You get to see breathtaking, snow-covered scenes, frozen lakes, and misty mountain cities. It makes for a lot of high-quality, original content you can post on social media, especially if you are a travel blogger. But you don’t necessarily have to look like a layered-up blob while you travel. While travelling in winter season, all you need is proper women’s winter clothing, like ladies sweaters, jackets and others!

5 Must-Have Clothes To Pack When Traveling This Winter

Winter travels are all about looking good while still staying reasonably warm and safe from the elements. Dressing for winters is a whole different ballgame than any other season. For one thing, you’ll probably have to layer up, unless you are living someplace warm like Pasadena. And while your layers are important, keep in mind that only the outermost layer will be on display.

So while you’re dying to flaunt those Pakistani designer suits you ordered online, you have to be careful that your layers aren’t too bulky. It can be tricky finding a balance between warm, roomy clothes and sharp, form-hugging ones. It gets even more difficult when you are looking to travel and only have limited space for a few items. Here are 5 essential items that you absolutely cannot do without:

  1. Thermal Underwear
  2. Fashionable Coat
  3. Sweater Dress
  4. Travel Jeans
  5. Cardigan

Let’s take a look at these items below and see why they are so important to maintaining a trendy winter look.

Thermal Underwear

It can get very cold, even freezing in most parts of the United States and Europe during the winter. So unless you plan on traveling to Morocco or Beirut, it may be a good idea for you to invest in a good pair of thermal underwear. Thermal underwear is very conveniently light enough to pack without taking up too much room. At the same time, it does a wonderful job of keeping you warm without adding unnecessary bulk. Thermal underwear also does not normally cost a lot, so investing in a warm, fleece-lined pair should work well for most cold climates.

Fashionable Coat

Like we said, your inner layers are less likely to get much attention than the outer ones.  That means the outermost layer needs to be something you look good and feel comfortable in. Consider the coats you own and choose one that goes with almost any kind of outfit. You’ll look the same in 99% of your photos, but you’ll be looking at the same level of greatness in all of them. A warm, fashionable coat is your go-to essential when traveling in the winter this year. Also, it helps you create a look that’s really chic and modern at the same time.

Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are not only warm, but they also do a great job of accentuating your body’s natural curves and contours. A trendy, chic sweater dress is equally appropriate at a club, bar, or a formal dinner. In my experience, grey or dark-colored sweater dresses make short work of turning you into the center of attention as soon as you walk into any room. A sweater dress makes anyone look like a celebrity, so use it to its fullest advantage this winter. This is something that is going to be a hot seller this season as well.

Travel Jeans

When I say travel jeans, I don’t mean a pair of worn-out, torn, or baggy jeans that you feel comfortable in on long flights. Travel jeans don’t have to be purely functional. They can be comfortable and hot at the same time if you choose the right fit. Dark-colored jeans work best during the winters. Instead of extremely skinny jeans, opt for slightly roomier ones that let you layer up your thermal underwear or leggings underneath. Jeans are a clothing item that most people feel comfortable in, which is something you will need while traveling. Jeans  Theare a must to go with this season. They are the ultimate carrying stuff.


You absolutely, positively, undoubtedly cannot do without at least one trendy cardigan in your travel luggage this winter. Cardigans are light, easily layered, and don’t add much bulk to your figure. But they do an excellent job of keeping you warm indoors while still cute enough to make you look chic. If you have any tank tops you’re planning to take along, a cardigan would be the perfect item to pair with them.

Of course, if you’re heading to warmer countries like Portugal or Spain this winter, you won’t really need many of the articles above. In my opinion, brightly colored sundresses, or even flowing cotton eastern women clothes, are perfect for Lisbon or Seville. Warmer climates usually call for little to no layering, and more emphasis on light, breathable garments.