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Do you get confusion , while buying a dress shirt? Lots of men get confused during the purchase of a dress shirt, so you are not anyone new to the process. Do you purchase Oxford Shirt instead of a regular dress shirt, while shopping online? If your answer is yes, then it means that you are unclear about the difference between these two shirts. Here are the main differences between these two shirts:

  1. In a dress shirt, you will not find the buttons on the collar; while the case is different for a dress shirt. Buttons on collar of Oxford Shirts is a reason why they can be used less formally.
  2. Another standout difference between these two shirts is the type of weave. Normally, Oxford weave is a bit heavier than a dress shirt weave. This is another reason for using Oxford Shirts less formally.

Oxford Shirts are usually used less formally that also count these shirts as fashionable wear. However, if you apply a tie with a suit on Oxford Shirt; then, Oxford Shirts will turn into formal wear. One of the popular Oxford Shirts is Van Heusen 13V0040. If you want to try one Oxford Shirt as a man, then you should give it a try. The question often comes to men’ minds is that: What is the meaning of the term, Oxford in Oxford Shirts. Let us answer this query to you:

Oxford is a clothing type that has a heavier and rougher weave than most traditional dress shirts clothing. Oxford clothes are stiff, and they hold their shape for long-term; usually above 5 years. Oxford is a versatile type of clothing; so, it can be used either formally or casually. Furthermore, Oxford clothing work almost in every situation.

Wearing Oxford Shirt:

Versatility is one of the most obvious benefits of Oxford Shirt. Such a shirt can be worn in different occasions. You can wear it with jeans, as well as a suit. It can also be put on in the casual settings of a business. It is a very useful attire in a businessman’s wardrobe. You can put on matching pants with Oxford Shirts to appear flamboyant and dashing to your business’ colleagues. Furthermore, you can apply a sporty casual look to your personality with Oxford Shirts.

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Why and When Should You Buy Oxford Shirts?

The first reason is the durability of Oxford Shirts. These shirts last longer than regular dress shirts; for the same reason, many men buy these shirts despite of their costs. If Oxford Shirt is imported, then as a man; you are encouraged to buy such a shirt. Why? Because, imported Oxford Shirts are top-notch. Another good reason why a man should buy Oxford Shirt is that it is wrinkle-free. So; you do not have to worry about the wrinkles appearing to your shirt, while interacting with the people around you. In the light of these reasons, you are cherished to buy Oxford Shirts.

The Punch Line…

Men Should Buy Oxford Shirts, As These Shirts Are Versatile and Durable.

Why Oxford Shirt, When Other Shirts Are Also Available?

Shirts for men come in different forms in the U.S. (United States). One of the popular shirts among men in the U.S. is Oxford Short. Do you know when and why men prefer Oxford Shirts over other shirts? Men have different reasons for the purchase of Oxford Shirts. Let us see those reasons in-depth:

Reason #1: Versatility

Oxford Shirts are versatile, as they can be put on in a number of ways. If you roll down the sleeves of Oxford Shirt, then you can use it as a casual wear. However, if you button the cuffs of Oxford Shirt and wear it with a suit and tie, then you can deploy it formally. Oxford dress shirts can be used casually in casual business settings, and the same shirts can be used formally in different business settings.

Reason #2: Durability

Oxford Shirts last longer than regular dress shirts, which means these shirts have durability. So, a man can rely on Oxford Shirts for a long period of time. Durability is also the reason behind credibility of Oxford Shirts. Men usually go after Oxford Shirts owning to their durability.

Reason #3: Quality

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If you talk about quality of Oxford Shirts, then you can never go wrong with Van Heusen 13V0040. Oxford Shirts are top-notch, and one reason behind their quality is that these shirts are generally imported. Men buy Oxford Shirts often, because these shirts are high in quality. So, if you are after a peerless shirt; then, you must give Oxford Shirt a try.

Reason #4: Price

Oxford Shirts are decently priced by different businesses. You may think that these shirts are higher in price than dress shirts, still these shirts are inexpensive. You may have guessed it by now. If you have not, then carefully go through the first three reasons, which are behind the purchase of Oxford Shirts. Oxford Shirts are top-notch, durable, and versatile; so, it is obvious that these shirts have a variety of functions as compared to regular dress shirts that also make Oxford Shirts cheaper than the regular dress shirts.

Reason #5: Oxford Cloth (Fabric)

Fabric that is, used in Oxford Shirt is a popular fabric; and, it is Oxford Cloth. It is a bit thicker fabric, and it gives a robust feeling. Owing to the fabric i.e., used in Oxford Shirt, these shirts are durable and wrinkle-resistant. The main reason why Oxford Cloth is used in Oxford Shirt is to give this kind of shirt a casual or sporty look. Moreover, Oxford Shirts can also be washed with socks and t-shirts; still, these shirts will remain soft after washing.

These are main reasons behind the purchase of Oxford Shirts. Frankly, Oxford Shirts are gaining popularity in the online market as the time is passing by. So, men cannot deny the significance of Oxford Shirts, as these shirts are making a positive statement in the minds of men in the U.S.

To Conclude:

Oxford Shirts give men lots of advantages; for the same reason, men happily buy these shirts. Last but not least, if you see the price of Oxford Shirts; then, you will realize that these shirts come at a low price in terms of durability, quality, fabric, and versatility.

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