ED treatment

How long it takes for ED treatment?


How long it takes for ED treatment?

Erectile dysfunction is one of the top menaces for the society at present. The ailment is very much common in men of age 30-40. The ailment is considered under a sexual disorder, but the basic Performa of the ailment is not like that of other sexual disorder. While the other disorders are more or less related to your hormonal discharges, here the disorder is related more with the lifestyle of yours, your habits, your addictions and your physical structure and functioning.


How ED is different from all other sexual disorders

All the sexual disorders are related to somehow hormonal discharges like low testosterone or other things. But here the disorder is totally and entirely different. Here the issue can be with your lifestyle. Less sleep, less rest, more rest and mental thoughts and stress are the things that are a common reason to make you suffer from ED.

There are some mental reasons that have been stated above responsible for your ED, but the ultimate thing is the effect of the same on your body. Your bodily function is the expression of the sexual urge that you have in your mind and there also the effect of ED is experienced.

You get the erection due to the flow of excess blood to the penis. As your penis experiences the excess blood flow in it, to show the reaction of the same, it gets erected and makes you fit for intercourse. On the other hand, the heart pumps this excess blood and it continues pumping the same unless the intercourse is over or the sexual urge is faded out. But in ED, you will find that the sexual urge is remaining in you, but still your penis gets down after the erection. The matter here is that the heart must pump the excess blood till the end of the intercourse but if it can’t do so, you will experience ED.

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Medicine for ED

The best thing that is to be noted here is that in all the cases of ED, you have the drugs there for you. You have the Vidalista 60 at a cheap price for your use in it and that you can take in all the conditions, except for the fact that you are having no heart or nerve-related pre-ailment. In case you are having heart weakness and you have experienced a cardiac arrest in the last few months, you can have this drug. The drug also affects your nervous system too. Even regular intake of the drug makes your nerve even weaker. So, before you have the drug, consult with your doctor and check your heart and nerve condition and then only go for the ED treatment with the drug.

How long it takes for the treatment

It is fact that the ED is treatable with Fildena 100 at cheap price and that too in 8 and 10 months. There are different aspects that are related to your treatment of ED. It depends on the causes of your ED. There are different causes of the ailment and in each of the cases, your treatment will be different and hence the time that you will need for the treatment will also be different. In cases, where the issue will be related to your mind, you will need more time to treat your ailment, while that is not the case when your issue is just with your blood circulation issue.

In the last occasion, you will be simply recommended with the meds and continuous taking of the drug will make you able to fight the disease entirely. However, that is not the case, when you are dealing with the ED that is causing the sulphate accumulation or nicotine, then the treatment becomes critical. Your addiction has to be negated first and then only the treatment starts with the aid of the drugs.

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In case of glucose excess or cholesterol the treatment is same but the medicines are recommended there from the beginning itself. Both these have to be maintained with the rectification in your dishes and your lifestyle and maintaining them when you can reduce your fat content and your health, then only the drug will hold good for you. Alongside with your dishes and lifestyle rectifications, you will also have to go for some workouts here to get adjusted. You can use Cenforce 100 Generic Pills to Cure ED problem.

On the other hand, there lies the issue with your heart, where the treatment is not possible with the aid of the drugs. The drugs put immense pressure on your heart and hence when you are a heart patient you will be restrained from having the drug and thus, the treatment has to be conducted by natural means and while you do this, it takes near to 12-14 months to cure your ailment. The last consideration here is the mind related issues, where the treatment time is the longest.

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