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5 Customer Service Trends to Watch For in 2020 and Beyond


Having an efficient customer care service is a mandatory approach to the success of any business. Over the past many years, businesses, big or small have been trying their best to boost their customer service experience.

For enhanced sales, good customer care service plays a major role. Whether your customer service is on the Internet, or you have a team of reps taking phone calls, it has to be effective and quick. The reputation of a company depends on the performance of their customer service. With the same goals of improving relationships, delivering satisfaction, and exceeding customer demands, let’s talk about the new trends in customer service.

Up Your Customer Service Game with These 5 New Trends of 2020

If you want your company to be one of the winning organizations, you need to invest in your customer service. Provide them the latest tools and software to ensure enhanced website functionality and optimized engagement with customers.

  1. Automate More.
  2. Quick and Effective Chat Support.
  3. Hire Multi-Talented Customer Agents.
  4. Better Self-Service Offerings.
  5. Take Advantage of Social Media.

Automate More

You need to know the psyche of a modern customer. They need their queries addressed instantly and comprehensively. You need to have efficient resources available readily. It’s better to hire an eCommerce marketing services firm for this thing. Customers shouldn’t face any inconvenience in the process of finding their desired info. Service automation platforms and CRM can help you deliver on this time-sensitive expectation critically. Invest in a self-service portal, a chatbot, or a help center that can provide info readily.


If they still have to call you to get their queries addressed, make sure they connect to the right representative who is capable of giving the right info.

Quick and Effective Chat Support

Have you invested in a chatbot? If you haven’t, you should. Consumers expect a flawless and great experience across every communication channel that a brand offers. But live chat has to be their favorite mode of communication. It is convenient to use and the info given is easily understandable. Since most of the customer prefer online shopping, their shopping decisions rely on their online queries.

Investing in an effective and expedient live chat software will be a great idea. In this age of smartphones, accessing a brand through a chat forum is quite convenient. Make sure you have taken care of that. A good live chat experience can result in lucratively in enhanced sales.

Hire Multi-Talented Customer Agents

Gone are the days when hiring agents and reps was on the basis of their expertise in just one particular channel. For instance, for call center reps, the basic skills demanded were fluency and great communication skills. While savvy typists were selected to man the chat forums.

As of 2020, customer care agents are supposed to be cross-trained and polished for expertise in diverse ways across all customer engagement forums. This includes email, social media, phone, chat, and SMS.

Businesses always benefit from diverse skillsets. While hiring, keep this skillset flexibility into consideration.

Better Self-Service Offerings

Customers hate to waste money and time. This includes wasting time in prolonged calls with never-ending prompts, and unnecessary info when they are trying to get some basic and crisp detail. Or, all they want to know is the company’s business hours, a product’s charges, or store locations and they don’t want to be bombarded with irrelevant info.

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Make use of search engines such as Google to readily offer this basic information. This year, helpdesk solutions will help with a streamlined self-service. Make sure you also discover various types of self-service tools and modes. They are lucrative business moves as they meet the customer expectation in minimum time and also reduce support costs.

Take Advantage of Social Media

It wouldn’t be wrong to call social media a contemporary cultural mainstay. Businesses and customers both understand the significance of a strong social media presence. They ensure their presence on social networking sites because no one wants to miss such a massive audience. Their algorithms allow customers to see relevant pages, hence facilitating the whole searching and shopping process.

But pay attention to the customer service of your social media accounts. As mentioned earlier, modern customers hate to wait for their queries to be answered. Work on improving customer connection, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty through the proper use of social media channels. You can also invest in social media monitoring tools such as TweetReach, HootSuite, Buzzsumo, and others to respond to your customers more effectively.

They also help in picking up brand mentions and tracking relevant discussions. For instance, if it about promoting Optimum packages, these tools will help you pick up any mention of “Optimum” all across social media forums. And then you can see how they are being discussed and give your own input.

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