We already know that death of somebody who was so much dear to us is really hard to accept. It is the bitter reality that is inevitable. When we lose somebody, who was so dear to us, it can be traumatic to a great extent. But even apart from the grief and sorrow that people go through, death of a person brings a lot of other responsibilities along with it like funeral services. It is an emotionally difficult task because the family members of the deceased are already going through a lot.

For this purpose, it is good to hire a professional funeral service provider who can take care of tasks related to a funeral. They also provide dead body freezer box in Delhi if needed. 

Freezer box

A funeral service is always held on the same day of the death of that person. It is withheld if needed like until all the family or other such people arrive. This is the time where the use of a freezer box plays an important role. The dead body can be preserved in a dead body freezer box and the temperature inside this box is low which prevents the body from decomposing. Dry ice, ice or even gel packs helps to keep a low temperature inside. In this way you can preserve the body of the deceased until it is time for the cremation ceremony.

You can always get a dead body freezer box on hire in Delhi whenever needed.

So, what is a dead body freezer exactly? It is mainly a cabinet that is refrigerated, and this helps in preservation of the dead body both for a short or long time. You will get to these dead body freezer boxes mostly in hospitals. Here, they keep or rather preserve the dead body in freezer boxes mainly till they release the deceased to their family or till the complete all the necessary legal formalities.

You will also find the dead body freezer boxes at disaster camps, army cantonments, railway stations, borders, airports etc. Since the temperature inside these freezer boxes is almost as low as fifteen degree Celsius along with a double layer, it keeps the body fresh or free from decomposition. It also prevents any kind of foul smell that might come from the dead body which in return may come of out the freezer box. Also, you can control the temperature inside the freezer box according to your requirement.


As far as the importance of a dead body freezer box is concerned, you already know what it is used for. Suppose a person died due to some communicable disease which may spread due to touching or which may decompose the body rapidly, it is always suggested to keep the body in a dead body freezer box. You may also have to keep the body in a dead body freezer box until all the family members of the deceased arrives for the funeral service in order to bid farewell to their loved one.