A picturecan speaka thousand words; thissays more than athousand words.It’s a completeguide on how to getyourpicturevisible. Aphotography is perhapsthemost effective way to showcasethe worldhow talented you are at photographyand tellthe storyyou are capturing throughyourlens.We will look at the methodsof starting and runningthe success of a photo.

Photographersare bound to enjoy exploring and sharing.I’m sure you’re alreadysharing your pictures onyour social mediaprofiles.However, giveyou more exposure than asocial mediaaccount caneverdo.let you have enough spacetoshare your photoswithoutthe worry ofcharacter limits.

about photography aretheultimatethe highest pointto digital photography. Don’tget left out,be a part ofthe world; shareyourexpertise with online users.Let them know whatit is like to be you.Let them know what you’relooking at, whereyou are andwhat you areeating.Tell the world what’s inyourmind. Start a ClauTam Photograph andhere is a simplestep-by-step procedure.

How tostartyour ownPhotography in3 Simple Steps

You will only needjust 20minutes of your time. Injust three simple steps you’ll be transformedfrom aphoto loving guywith an SDfilled with photosto a proudowner of a ready to showcase their lifefor the rest of humanity.Below is a 3-stepguideto startyour firstfollowedby avideo tutorial forthe same.So brace yourself, aimandpress the button to achievestardom.

1.Select and Buy YourDomain- A domain orURL isthe address on the internetpointing atyour website for photography. Forinstance our domain’s nameis . Agood domain name shouldbeunique, simpleto remember , and relevantto photography.A great example of a goodwebsite name can be found here.

In general, you should choosethe.com or.net extension because theyare the mostpopularandeasiestyou can remember yourvisitors. Good News Alert: If youpurchase a hosting packagefromBluehostyou will receive a no-costdomain!After you’ve chosen your preferreddomainname and confirmedit’s not being used and you’re ready to gotostep 2.Thedomain namemustbeunique.

2.Join Hosting for Free -A Web host is aremote computerthat can store all your webcontent.By that, I meaneverything (including theTwitter button and the fonts). Agood web host willbe beneficial, particularlywhen youstart getting increasedtraffic.Anyone who visitsthe domain name will getthe site from ahost server. Irecommend Bluehostfor hosting due to:

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3. Install WordPress- You are nowjust a few steps away frombecominga proud owner of a .You will also needto install the propersoftwarethat will runyoursite.In this case we recommendthesimple and user-friendlyWordPress. WordPress isthe mostusedwebsite platform in the world, and it is exceptionallyeasy to use,even forpeople who havenopriorexperience.ThroughBluehost’sBluehostaccount, there is a control panel whereyouare able to haveWordPress installedwith just asimpleclick.

I tried as much aspossible to avoid using moretechnical jargontoaccommodate both IT peopleas well as”people people”. I’vefound that it iseasierfor me to go through these procedureswhenyoucan actually seethe process being carried out.With this in mind, follow the button,which will bringyou toBlueHostfrom where you’ll be ablebuythe domain as well as hosting.


Tips for the Photography 

  • Select a theme that you likefor your 
    Photography is moreofan artthan a science.The majority of your viewersare drawn bythe fine arts.Choose a subject that issimple enough not to stealthe spotlightoffyourphotos but also elegantenough tocomplimentyourphotographs.

  • Be dedicated to your
    and photography requirededication.It requires a lotof timeto develop bothphotos as well asstories.Sometimes you’ll needtocreate scripts after scripts beforeyou can find the perfect materialfor your photo.A lack of content isan unintentional turnoff fornewvisitors.Ideally, it is besttowrite at minimumfivearticles prior to starting theblog.When the blog is operational then you are able to startpublishing regularly.Know your readers’ preferences.You don’t want them to missan article or not having afresh post to enjoy.

  • Do what you love and share it with others
    Theperfectjob is onedone out ofpassion.If you want to becomea successfulphotography blogger,youhave to do itwithpassion.Make sure that you only publishthe photos and stories thatyouare able to connect and identifyto.Remember you are yourfirst and your most loyal fan.

  • Read and Respond to Comments
    If your blog becomeswell-known, you will seethatpeople are makingcomments onblog posts. This isan excellentopportunity to gain insight intoyourreaders. Theinternet is full ofvarious kinds of people.Many will appreciateyour work, while others willbe averse to your work.However, as the author ofthe blog, you have tobe a good example to all your readers.

  • Make sure you connect your account on Facebook, Twitter and Instagramtoyour blog
    Your first choice for marketingyour blogis viayourcircle of friends.You must integrateyour photography blogwithyour social mediaaccounts. There arenumerousways to do thisbut one of the easiestand mosteffectiveis topromote your workthroughsocial media.Alternately, you can includesocial buttonsto your website.The photography website should,atat the very least includeInstagram, Flickr,Twitter, Facebook and Picasa buttons.

Top Free & Paid WordPress Themes for Photography

A WordPress themewill controlthelook and feelof your blog. Itwill dictateyour color schemes,thefontsand in most casesthelayout of your photos.Needless to say, thisisamongthe mostimportant factorsto your site.You should dedicate adequatetimein choosing the righttopic for your blog.Here is a guide thatwill assist you in choosingan outstandingtheme.They are arrangedin nospecificorder.