In what conditions air coolers may be the better choice than an air conditioner


As the summer season comes around the corner, it is common for people to start searching for a permanent solution to the scorching heat. Most of us look to air conditioners to fill this role while trying to figure out how we can afford getting one for our homes. However, this role can also easily be filled with the cost-effective and efficient air cooler.

Air coolers are not just an economical option to air conditioners. In fact, there are various conditions under which it might even be the better cooling appliance for a family. Let us take a close look at some of these conditions as well as how they are benefited by an air cooler:

Dry and Hot Climates

Dealing with the heat is a major hassle during summers, which is why cooling appliances are a must. However, there is also another factor that should play into your choice of cooling appliance: moisture. For regions that have not only hot but also dry summers, air conditioners might just result in the air becoming even drier.

In such cases, it becomes important to retain or add moisture to the arid, dry air. This is made possible with the help of air coolers. Not only do they cool the hot air, but as they use water for the cooling process, they also release moisture in the air. Therefore, while air conditioners act as dehumidifiers, air coolers act as much-needed humidifiers in such climates.

Tight Budget

Another important feature to consider is that air coolers are also less expensive than air conditioners. Typical air conditioners can range anywhere from Rs 25,000 to Rs 60,000. However, air coolers come at a much lower cost starting from Rs 3000-5000 to Rs 15,000. Therefore, if you are looking for a cooling appliance to deal with the sweltering heat but are operating on a tight budget, an air cooler might just be the more economical option for you.

Purchasing an air cooler also proves to be a cost-effective cooling option in the long run. This is because air coolers typically have a much lower energy consumption than traditional air conditioners. This reflects in lower electricity consumption and hence, much lower electricity bills in the long-run. On the other hand if you purchase a best ac brand for your home it will cost you approximately 4 times of an air cooler cost.

Environmental Concerns

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If you or your family are concerned about your carbon footprint on the planet, an air cooler might be a preferable alternative. Air coolers are an eco-friendly cooling option, since they do not make use of chemical coolants that are released as harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Instead, air coolers use water as a refrigerant by the means of an evaporative unit within. 

As a result, the cool air released by air coolers is free of any chemicals or toxic by-products. Moreover, as mentioned above, air coolers have a lower energy consumption than air conditioners. Therefore, they place less stress on our natural resources to derive energy and contribute to a decrease in global energy demand.


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