daily trading routine in 4 easy steps

Creating your daily trading routine in 4 easy steps


The ETF trading business is becoming very popular. The top brokers and banks are allowing the retail investors to trade ETFs in a leveraged account. The concept of leverage has changed the trading community. People with low capital in Singapore are making a decent amount of money using their intellect. When traders start their careers, they get too busy. But you have don’t have to do too much to earn more money. Doing less is the best way to find quality trades. For that, you have to create a daily trading routine.

Those who are trading without having a daily trading routine are always losing money. They don’t have any control over the cash flow since they end up with emotional trades. Let’s learn to create the perfect daily trading routine in 4 easy steps.

Step 1, track your demo performance

The first step is to track your demo performance. People always think they can create a trading routine without keeping track of their trades. But this is wrong and causes traders to make a big loss. But if you note down the execution in the demo account, you will slowly learn how to take a trade. It will help you to improve your trading skills and you will eventually know the proper way to create a well-balanced trading routine. But don’t rush in the demo account just because you need data to create the routine. You need to demo trade for one month at least in order to create some well-balanced trading data. By following this technique, you can improve your skills over a period of time.

 Step 2, tracking your progress in the real account

The second step is the most vital for the trading routine. You have to track your progress in the real account. The pro investors prefer Saxo bank group as their prime broker as they offer many premium options for the retail traders. By using their trading account, you can earn money since you will get the best trading instrument and tools. When you have access to a wide range of trading instruments, you will start seeing more opportunities. This is what you have work on. Find your favorite trading instrument and list it in the routine. Your routine should be able to give you exact details on when you do the proper market analysis.

Step 3, develop specialized techniques

This part is a bit tricky for rookies. Amateur always becomes frustrated with the losses as they don’t have any idea to deal with them. But if you develop specialized techniques to overcome the losses, you will learn to take trades with discipline. It will make you a skilled trader. But developing these skills requires you to list the technique in the trading routine. Without listing the technique, you will always make mistakes. Let’s say, you have a recovery plan when things go south. So, write down the recovery plan in the trading routine so that you don’t lose too much money during the trading process. Follow a simple protocol and it will help you to curate the perfect trading system. Stop wasting too much money in the market and stick to your long term goals.

Step 4, revise your trading method

By now you should have a sound trading method. But having a sound trading method is not enough. You must revise your trading method regularly so that you can create the perfect plan and make a consistent profit. So, how do we revise the trading plan and make significant progress in the trading career? For that, you have to follow the core concepts of investment. This means, once in a while, you must take a break and focus on the losing orders. This will allow you to fine-tune the trading method. Keep learning new techniques so that you don’t lose too much money.


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