Erection issue emerges due to several reasons in males. But difficulty in getting an erection all of a sudden can be only due to reduction in blood flow towards the penis. It should be taken seriously; it may be sign of blockage of blood vessels.

Sudden loss of erection is a sign of emerging case of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction happens when a penis does not get sufficient flow of blood for an erection. The sudden erection loss points to impending blockage of blood vessels or formation of plaque in the blood vessels. Though, using a dose of Sildenafil Citrate 200 mg will give you an erection necessary for a penetrating sex, you need to see the medical doctor.

Cause behind inability to get a penile erection all of a sudden 

To get the exact cause behind all of sudden difficulty in erection, you have to ask yourself several questions as answer to those questions decides your next step or treatment option.

Check the erection issue comprehensively.  What was your emotional and mental state, when sudden erection difficulty emerged? Where you sexually excited enough for a penile erection? Was there any tension or anxiety in your mind?  Did all of a sudden some issue or problem come to your mind. ?

Physical environment can cause sudden erection issue 

It is possible that the smell of private parts of your partner suddenly makes you loss interest in intercourse at that time.  Sometimes, when you apply a condom, the degree of erection comes down, and it may take a while before it comes back. Or you may loss interest in sex for that brief period. 

If answer to all these questions is a big NO, then you have to consult a medical doctor. The possible cause behind not getting a penile erection all of a sudden is loss of blood in the penis. This is due to blockage of blood in the blood vessels in the sexual organ

Unpleasing body shape 

It happens when you are with a lady other than your partner. When she is completed naked, her body no longer excites you. You fail to get sexual stimulation. At that moment, you erection may suddenly come down. 

Blockage of blood flow in blood vessels of the penis 

Blood vessels in the penis are narrower than other parts of the body. Whenever there is any blockage in blood vessels due to formation of plaque in blood or cholesterol issue, the blood flow is first affected in the sexual organ. So, any reduction in the blood flow leads to erection issue all of a sudden is sign that blood blockage will also happen vessels taking blood to heart.

Sudden erection issue could be sign of a heart attack 

If sudden blockage in blood vessels in sexual organ is the only cause behind sudden erection issue, then you need immediately medical guidance to prevent emergence of cardiovascular issue. The blood reduction in penis is first indication of formation of plaque in blood vessels. 

Take medical guidance and start the medical treatment to prevent sudden a heart attack. Once you begin the treatment, you can use erectile dysfunction medicines to get a penile erection whenever you need. But medical treatment for basic cause is necessary to check further deterioration in condition. The early treatment of cholesterol or blockage issue behind sudden erection difficult will also prevent worsening of erectile dysfunction.

Early sign of erectile dysfunction can save you life 

Yes, provided you take it as a warning signal. Early erectile dysfunction without apparent sign of medical or physical cause is a strong indication that your cardiovascular health is suffering.  Instead of rushing to buy a drug for boosting erection, you need to seek appointment with a doctor to check health and heart status and follow the rest of treatment.

Treatment for heart also cures erectile dysfunction 

The medical treatment for cholesterol issue or formation of plaque issue will improve your ability to get an erection.  The use of ED drugs like Levitra 60 mg will further improve the degree of hardness. The chemical in the drug boost blood flow overcome any obstacle to make penile erection possible. 

There is no dearth of solutions for penile erection issue or erectile dysfunction.  ED drugs like generic Cialis 60 mg are the best short term treatment. But the cause behind the erection issue needs to be cured to prevent worsening of condition of erectile dysfunction. Once you are on the treatment path, you will find improvement in erection naturally and there will be no need for even medicines to get an erection.

When on medication consult a doctor 

There may be some medicines prescribed to you for cholesterol issue. Never use or mix these medicines with any ED drug. Keep a gap of 24 hours between a drug like Fildena 100mg and medicines used for treatment. Never increase dose quantity without medical guidance.  Continue treatment for basic cause to improve your health and erectile dysfunction.