How to keep your jewelry looking new – Do’s and don’ts


At the point when i was a little girl, i used to love looking in my grandma’s jewelry box.

She had huge articulation neckbands, brilliant pins, large turquoise rings, and unlimited sets of clasps on studs. I would try all on and feel so extravagant and grown up. She had a spot for everything. After her passing, as a grown-up experiencing her jewelry boxes, all that looked as I recollected from when I was a child.

I am regularly approached inquiries concerning how to think about jewelry. Individuals wonder everything from how to forestall or eliminate discolor from jewelry. How to unravel chain without any problem. In answer, I figured I would assemble a helpful rundown of the do’s and don’ts for thinking about your jewelry. Regardless of whether it’s outfit or fine jewelry, if you care for it appropriately, it will remain pretty and last more.

Things to do:

1. Clear nail polish is your friend. 

You can utilize clear nail clean to forestall staining and chipping on outfit/style jewelry. You can apply a slender layer of clear nail clean as insurance. This will keep your more affordable jewelry fit as a fiddle! Additionally, a layer of clear nail clean within rings that are not strong silver, or gold shields the finger from turning green. This is how you can protect artificial jewellery in Pakistan or in any place in the world.

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2. Store properly.

Accessories and arm bands can be demolished by tossing them in irregular drawers. Appropriately putting away your jewelry by hanging it up perfectly or keeping it in a jewelry box will assist it with staying sans tangle and forestall breakage. It additionally makes it simpler to discover what you are searching for.

3. Clean with water. 

Common stones are delicate and a portion of the cleaning arrangements available can harm them. If all else fails, use water and a delicate toothbrush to tenderly clean each piece, and let them air dry on a material. For pearls, utilize a wet material to tenderly scour the development off.

4. Periodically clean your diamonds. 

Clean precious stones by absorbing them for 15 minutes one cup of warm water and 1/4 C. smelling salts. Scour delicately with a delicate toothbrush, flush and wipe off.

5. Remove tarnish from silver.

All real silver jewelry will discolor. The uncovered layer of silver responds with synthetic compounds and even the components noticeable all around to shape something many refer to as “patina”. It shows up as a weak brilliant sparkle that you may see in the wake of wearing your jewelry various occasions. Certain things like elastic, latex, chlorine and sulfur can really consume your silver, so keep them as far separated from one another as could reasonably be expected.

To clean the unavoidable stain, line a compartment with tin foil. Load up with 3 sections preparing pop and 1 section water. Blend till broke up, add jewelry and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Flush and let dry.

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6. Prevent tarnish from happening or at least, slow the process

Putting away your jewelry in a Ziplock sack will decrease discolor development.

7. Remove tarnish from copper and brass

Clean copper and metal by absorbing a combination of 4 sections vinegar and 1 section salt.

8. Save silica gel packs

These can be found in new satchels, shoes and bunches of items requested on the web. They ingest dampness and get it far from your jewelry. Spare them and spot them inside your jewelry box.


1. Don’t bend beaded or wire jewelry.  

Pieces that have been wire wrapped or globules that have been wired together get tossed in drawers or adapted to fit in little spaces. This can debilitate the wire and cause breakage.

2. Don’t wear heavy lotion or perfumes.  

Try not to wear hefty cream on your neck, hands and wrists, as this can demolish the completion on your pieces of jewelry, arm bands, and rings. This is valid for both style and fine jewelry. It can crumble the completion on style jewelry and accelerate oxidation (discolor) on both design and fine jewelry.

3. Don’t use toothpaste to clean jewelry.

I see this tip everywhere on the web. Numerous toothpaste brands have grating pieces included to clean teeth. These can scratch stones and metals. There are better approaches to clean.

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