Product presentation is not just a way to sway shoppers into exploring an item it says a lot about your brand and offerings. A customer looking for an anti-aging serum or a smart phone accessory would readily feel inclined into checking out the offers in appealing boxes. Apart from the aesthetical aspects of packaging, it has to be sustainable to safely store all kinds of goods on shelves. Imagine a scenario in which a consumer orders a pricey accessory from your shop and receives it without the stones or broken because of low quality boxes.

So choosing a reliable and riveting packaging solution is imperative for effective handling of products and creating a likable image for your retail or food business. Custom rigid boxes are a scintillating and smart option for all kinds of items ranging from cosmetics to luxury accessories, jewelry and confectioneries. This packaging can be custom made according to your inclinations and needs. However, you ought to find a printing professional that can guide you on selecting stock and customizations that can add resilience and a trendy touch to the boxes.

The quest to find a skilled and experienced printer can be taxing but you shouldn’t get confused or frustrated with the endeavor. The simplest way to go about finding a service provider is start looking for options online and in the local market. Be meticulous with evaluating the service standards of the vendors, you shouldn’t fall for the too good to be true claims like same day printing for even orders of 5000 and above items. Also don’t get too wary about every printing company you come across. Be watchful and rational at the same time and you will be able to make the right choice.

Before we discuss how to print the rigid boxes, let’s take a look at more reasons to prefer them!

Have your Brand and Products Remembered

As compared to other alternatives, rigid packaging boxes are likely to last for a considerable time which would benefit your business. Bigger boxes with good storage space can be reused, the name of your fashion accessory manufacturing company or confectionery outlet will be there reminding the users of your offerings. If you have your contact details and website address, there are chances a customer would browse through your e-store to see what’s new and that might lead to a purchase.

Build a Distinctive and Notable Identity for your Business

If you have recently ventured into the jewelry industry and want to earn recognition as a contemporary bohemian brand, packaging can be utilized for the effort. You can indorse your business’ values, vision and best practices through it. Enlighten the customers about your unique selling proposition and product variety to pique their interest in your offers. Sharing your CSR and consumer centric practices would aid you with connecting emotionally with the potential shoppers.

Using Custom Rigid Boxes for a Sales Pitch

Persuasive packaging has the power to influence the buying decision of customers. Boxes that are a delight to look at would instantly get noticed, you can make them interactive by listing striking facts about a product you want to promote. This would leave the consumers curious to try out a tester if that is an option or know more by asking questions from the sales staff. You can market bundled items, discounted deals and limited edition offers through the boxes.

Now we move to the second part of the post that is how to design and print rigid packaging!

Get a Communicative and Captivating Artwork made

Design is invariably the most obvious and an important element of the product boxes. You should pay attention to detail when getting the artwork made for your packaging. It should be relevant to the item that you intend to package inside the box. A too artsy and incomprehensible design would puzzle the buyers. So keep it easy to understand and entrancing. You can involve your creative department in the endeavor; most of the printers have graphic designers to assist the clients so you can seek support from them as well.

Making the Choice for Printing Material

Selecting the stock for your rigid packaging boxes can be tricky if you don’t have any previous experience of customizing the boxes. There is material available on the internet about materials like cardstock, paperboard and kraft. Read up a few insightful articles online and ask the printer to explain the specifications of these stocks. You also need to get acquainted with techniques like two and full color. Depending on your product specs like fragility and quantity, pick a material. If you want to indorse the go green concept, opt for brown kraft paper.

Selecting the Packaging Style and Finishing Options

Boxes can be custom made with window for beauty and other products that you want the customers to glance at before buying. Truffles and chocolates can also be presented in window packaging. Lids and magnetic closure are preferred for jewelry pieces and accessories.

You should analyze the pros and cons of any die-cut shape you want for the boxes. Embossing, raised ink, UV coating, foil stamping and glossy/matte lamination are some coating and other choices that you can consider for packaging. Branding details and name of your signature items collection can be embossed on the boxes to make them stand out.

Detailed Rigid Packaging Boxes

Packaging should be printed with every bit of information about the product. You must mention manufacturing date and place, weight, formulation and number of months during which an item should be used. For delicate and precious pieces like jewelry, provide cards within the boxes on storing the pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets. Informative packaging would get your brand admiration from the buyers and they will vouch for you over social media and other channels.

Don’ts of Printing Rigid Packaging

There are some honest mistakes and blunders that one can make when getting the boxes designed and printed. Avoid making these if you want to save yourself the hassle of reprinting the packaging.

  • Custom Rigid boxes’ artwork should be original. Don’t copy a brand’s packaging design no matter how inspiring you think it is. Customers are canny to differentiate the copy cats and they feel reluctant to trust businesses that lack innovation and creativity.
  • Don’t choose a cheap stock for manufacturing the boxes. If you have budget limitations, discuss them with the printer but don’t compromise on the finesse of your packaging it will impact the quality of your products and you are likely to lose the trust of consumers.
  • Boxes shouldn’t be bland or uninteresting, even if you don’t want many illustrations or images, curate catchy content to engage the buyers. You can have themed packaging or use humorous memes.

Packaging for small and breakable items should have inserts or dividers for handling and delivering them conveniently to the customers. Turn the boxes into insignia of your business, be it a bakery or a makeup manufacturing company. Packaging for gift sets and combo offers should have seals.

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