Auto Mate Systems Ltdoffers and installs automatedsliding gatesacrossthe UK.These provide high security frompedestrian and vehicularentry 24 hours per dayandareoperated in conjunction with variousaccess control systems including;proximity cards, swipecards, intercomsandradio transmitters.

Automated sliding gates are themostused device to securesites with remote-controlledsurveillance cameras, where,forinstance,the gate(s)could be controlledbysomeone ina CCTV monitoring station inanother area of the country.automatic gateSliding gates are innatelysecure due to the fact that thegateacts like a sectionof fencing thatshifts to allow access.Theone-way sliding gatehas nointrinsicpivot(as the hingesoftheswing gatedo) thus it is unable tobepushed open or rammedthrough a force from the front.

A sliding gateis operated bydrives racking(steel barthat hassteel or nylon teeth carvedormountedwith a bar) that is poweredby a motor which hasan appropriate geared cogin line with the teeth onthe driveracking. It isimperative to choosea suitably powered motorthat can be attached tothe gate, and also one thatcan handle the amountoffunctions thatthegate’s sliding mechanism hastocarry outwithinanhour.Keep in mind that sliding gates arenotspeedy devices If you experiencepeak traffic at shift startand finish times,it’s worth considering keepingthis gate up forshorttime periods or puttingthe gateon a timer system or controlledby a specificaccess control totheProjects team tofigure outthe most suitable and efficientsolution for your location.

Theselection of the motordetermines the type ofracking used in thesliding gate manufacturing. Nylonteeth, nylon racking that is fittedto an angle of steel ispredominantly used on domesticgatesto ensure quiet running.automatic sliding gateMod4steel racks are usedfor gate motors that are capable ofmovinggates ofup to 2600 KG .Mod6 steelracking is used forgatesover that weight andup to 6000KG. Auto Mate Systems Ltd. can advise youon the most suitable motorsize, rack size andcan store stock of any size.

The sliding gatecan be activated withdifferent types of access controlequipment,such asan electronic keypad,Radio fobs, push buttonscards swipe or proximity systemsbio-metricreader, photocell orinduction loops and, morerecently, through a mobile phoneconnection.

Whenconsideringthe design of a gate,it isessential that considerationis given to safety considerations.WithAutomate Systems Ltd, wewill be able to offer adviceon every aspect to ensurethe most suitablegateis designed to meetyour needs, and also ensurethe highest quality of supplyand installation. This includesforces testing afterthe installation.


Tracked sliding gatesoperate on a trackbuilt into the road.The gate is fabricated witha strong beam at theend of the gateinto which are installedtwowheels bearing.These are mounted ontothe railwhich allowsthegate tomove back andforwards without a hitch. Thisallowsgates to bestrong and sturdy, allowingthe gate’s span to goat least 12 metresand heights in excess of2.4meters.When coupled tothesolid support frame orportals, offers asolid and safesliding gatesystem.

Thesize of the clearancefor a track-slidinggate issmaller thanthe space required for a cantileveredsliding gate. This is becausethe area required for mounting themotor and frame maynotbe more than 1metre.garage doorsThis will result in a totalrun back area of thegate opening, plusthe metre needed formotor and gate support. Itis importantthat the track used for running besmooth and level.A slight slope willnotonly forcethe motor towork harder than it mayhave been intended to but also could createsafety risks,in the event of havinguse a manual gate.These are all aspectsthat a slide gate must considerthe highly-trained engineers at our companyhave a discussion withwhilecreating your track-basedsliding gatesystem.

We can offer:

  • Supply and installationof a fullyfunctionalandfully integrated automaticsliding gate.
  • A full 12 month warrantywithall installations.
  • The various levels of maintenance contractthat will meet your requirements(allat reasonable rates).
  • Design solutions foryourspecific site.
  • Diagrams and technical information aboutcables that we use for our products.
  • A list of materials requiredto help you with yourplan for building.

For a quotationon an automaticsliding gate system orjust get more details onoursliding gate systems that are automaticand other systemsyoumight beinterested in,contact us touch via telephone or fax

Be it a commercialor residentialconstruction,security isthe main goalof every property owner.It is imperative to have the most essentialsecurity features in placeat your properties.

Since gates are the mainpoints of entry and departure, proper attention must betaken when installing them. Modernsliding doors with auto-slidingarepopular choicesfor a wide rangeofresidential properties.A reliableAutomotiveSliding DoororSensor Door Systemprovidercan assist you in findingtheright kind of gatesfor your property based onyour budget and requirements.

Here are someadvantagesof installingsliding doors with auto-slidingandswing gates.

  • Convenience

Automated gatesare popular worldwidebecause of their ease of use.You don’t havetoget out ofyourvehiclewhen you want to access the gate or shut it.It will operateby itself, usingsoftware programs.There is no needto pay attention to closingthe gateeachwhenever you enterthe property.The gate will automatically close onceyour vehicle enters.

  • Ensure Higher Security

When you selectan increased level ofsecurity,you can’t ignoremodern technology. Auto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gatemanufactures designandconstructthese systems by making useof modern technology to ensurean unbeatable security foryour home and belongings.Options like automated locks andintegrated safety beams are among the mostefficient features inthese gates.These gates provide maximum securityovertraditional security measures that are manual.alternatives.

  • Enjoy More Durability

Modern sliding gatesare developed and designedto withstand regulardamage and wear.The latest technologies are usedin order to make them sturdyenough to last for a long time. They arespecifically designed to provideexceptional functionality, for the most effectiveamount of time.

Enhance Visual Appeal

Whatever the case, whether it’s your residentialproperty or commercial one attractive and stylish automaticsliding doorswill enhancethecurb appealof the.TheAuto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gate Manufactureris able to design gates custom-madeaccording to your styleandrequirements for size.

SRTEC Automation offers a widerange of automatic gates,sliding doorsand other typesofcommercial and industrialentrances. Wecan offertheright style, sizeanddesign as perthe specifications you prefer. Our productsensureyour safety and securityyourhomes.They are efficient, durable, stylish and reliable.

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