Despite being not everyone’s cup of tea, exercise is an important part of weight loss journey. Alongside dieting, working out is hailed as an effective weight loss strategy. Essentially, you need to burn more calories than you eat to be a candidate for weight loss.

In order to burn 1 kg of fat, you need a calorie deficit of around 7700. Attempting this solely with diet may not be swift enough for many people, hence, supplementing with workout is excellent way for weight loss.

However, one should always try to steer clear of the “rapid” weight loss. Fad diets and exercise sprints are not helpful as they are not sustainable. In order to have weight loss that is not temporary, you should reevaluate your lifestyle choices.

The best nutritionist in Lahore can help you with this; alongside helping you reorient your diet, you can also talk about your progress with the exercise and diet schedule you have doing.

Moreover, when working out, it is important to not starve yourself. Your body needs carbohydrates and proteins before and after the exercise. It also needs adequate nutrition for fixing the muscle loss and healing the tissues and your lack of proper diet can prevent this.  Therefore, do not make hasty dietary choices.

Whilst the expert nutritionist can help you with what diet to take, following exercise regimen will help you narrow down your workout routine!

Interval Training

Very en-vogue these days is interval training. It involves causing the heart rate to spike and then slowed down, at short intervals. These sets of exercise are done targeting different areas of the body, but the fundamental is the same; a combination of burst of energy with rest time.

Moreover, there are different types of interval training that can be done, so its anything but monotonous. One is HIIT, high intensity interval training. It gets you working out in least amount of time and is very popular amongst the racing crowd. Running HIIT allows you to sprint with jogging to oscillate between high energy and moderate. Tabata is another form of interval training.

The benefits of HIIT are aplenty. It gets the heart working in shorter amount of time. It therefore also improves health and prevent heart diseases. Moreover, it also helps you burn calories in less amount of time.


Cycling targets all the parts of the body, even if many do not realize it. Due to its focus on the lower limbs, people consider cycling to be an exercise at strengthening the muscles of legs. However, cycling is also great for your upper body and abdomen as well.

Sitting upright and keeping balance helps to keep the abdomen and core muscles engaged. Similarly, the constant grasping of the handlebars also works the muscles of the arms as well. Thus, cycling is very holistic in its impact.

It is also a multifaceted exercise; do it on different terrains, tracks or even in doors on the machine. It also helps burn many calories, in a rather fun way. Cycling is also great for health otherwise as well; it decreases the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc.

Moreover, for those who have joint issues, it does not put much stress on the knees hence can be easily done.

Weight Training

Weight or strength training helps to burn calories and increase metabolic rate. It also helps to form muscle mass. All these features are conducive for weight loss.

It is also great for the prevention of osteoporosis. The resistance that is part of the process of lifting weights helps to prevent the loss in bone mass.

Jump Rope

Although it is not easy to do, jump rope does not involve doing difficult poses or having a lot of exercising paraphernalia. All you need is little space and a rope. However, its simplicity is does not mean that it is any less effective.

It involves the muscles of the entire body and accelerates the heart rate. Moreover, it also helps to tone the body and is great to improve hand and muscle coordination.


If you do not want to do a very actively strenuous exercise, yoga is best for you. It helps to target the muscles in the body, by not necessarily increasing the heart rate. In its subtle way, it makes you sweat but not go out of breath per se.

Moreover, a huge benefit of yoga is that it helps with mental health as well. It helps to counter stress and anxiety. Stress poses all sorts of health concerns, obesity being one of them. And, once that is addressed, it is easier to maintain the weight loss as well.

Furthermore, yoga also includes mindfulness as well. It therefore makes you more self-aware and thus prevents overeating as well. Hence, yoga helps to counter the reasons behind weight gain as well.

Yoga also helps in improving sleep quality as well. If one does not get sufficient or quality shuteye, health gets jeopardized. Amongst other things, weight gain problems are also caused due to lack of proper sleep. Hence, yoga mitigates that too.

Weight loss is important for maintaining health but needs to be thought through. Lack of proper methodology can lead to health risks, so confer with the top nutritionist in Karachi before embarking on this journey.