A cat needs adequate food to live a long and healthy life. Here are some tips Consider proper nutrition for your cat. Many questions will arise in your mind as to how to feed your cat breed and how a cat penis looks like. Cats have become hunters who consume prey with high protein, low fat and low carbohydrate content, and their diet still requires these general proportions. Cats need more than a dozen other nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids. This is especially true for vitamins and minerals. Therefore, supplementation is generally not necessary if you are on a balanced and complete diet. Food supplements can be harmful to your cat and should not be taken without veterinarian approval.

Types of commercial cat food

Commercial cat food is made in dry, semi-circular and canned forms. These products differ in moisture content, protein content, calorie density, taste and digestibility.

Dried animal food

Dry foods contain 6-10% water. Depending on the specific composition, the ingredient mixture is combined, extruded, dried and sculpted into bite-sized pieces. Ingredients are:

  • Meat and/or meat by-products
  • Poultry and/or poultry by-products
  • Cereal and/or cereal by-products
  • Fish dish
  • Fiber source
  • dairy product
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements

Dry food chunks are often coated with flavor enhancers, such as animal fats, to make the food taste better.

Dry cat food is relatively inexpensive and not dry, so the owner can “eat it freely”. However, dry foods may be less palatable to cats than wet or semi-moist foods, and depending on the type and quality of ingredients, they are less digestible. When using dry food, it is important to keep unused servings in a cool, dry place and not use out-of-date foods. Owners often buy large quantities of dry food, sometimes they can be stored for months. Therefore, it is very important to check the expiration date before feeding the cat. Long-term storage of food reduces the activity and effectiveness of many vitamins and increases the likelihood of fat rancidity. We recommend storing dry cat food in an airtight container to prevent loss of nutrients and preserve taste.

Semi-moist food

Meat and meat by-products are the main ingredients in semi-wet foods that contain about 35% moisture. Other substances are added to make the final product, including soy flour, grains, grain by-products and preservatives. Prices for semi-moist food are generally average. Semi-moist foods may be more attractive to some cats than dry cat food and are optional. However, if you open the packaging, the food can dry out; lose its taste or spoil.


Canned cat food is a good source of drinking water because it has a moisture content of over 75%. This is usually the most expensive cat food, but it is very tasty for most cats. There are many strains that can help if your cat is picky. Cans can be stored unopened and longer, but unused portions of open cat cans should be refrigerated to maintain quality and prevent spoilage. Canned gourmet cats usually contain meat such as kidney or liver, and the whole meat by-product is the main component. Some brands may be undernourished and it is important to carefully read the nutritional labels on these specific cat foods to ensure nutritional guarantees.

Home diet

Preparing cat food is a difficult and time-consuming process. This is because the diet may not be providing your cat with the correct amount and ratio of nutrients. Generally, unless the vet advises cats to formulate their own medication, it is recommended that cat owners purchase commercial feed. In this case, your veterinarian will recommend a recipe developed by a veterinarian certified in animal nutrition.


Occasional snacks are generally not harmful to cats, but they are generally not a complete, balanced food source and should only be served occasionally. From experience, the content of snacks should not exceed 10-15% of the cat’s daily calorie intake. In addition, certain foods should be avoided altogether. Raw meat is a great source of many nutrients, but it is not recommended as cat food or snack as it can carry toxoplasmosis and other infectious diseases. You have to take care of not only their external health but also their internal health and in the meantime, you can check up with the veterinarian to ask about how a cat penis looks like?  Some cats who eat canned human fish can develop serious neurological diseases. Cats are not generally recommended to drink milk. This is because many cats cannot tolerate lactose, and consuming dairy products can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Other considerations

Cats can be rude. Crowded areas nearby, noise, the presence of other animals, dirty food containers or litter boxes will prevent cats from eating. Try to be sensitive to the cat’s eating habits and make any necessary adjustments.

Although many cats enjoy eating, some cats develop a difficult eating habit and may have many options for food choices. Feeding your cat two or three different cat foods can provide multiple flavors and prevent cats from having an exclusive preference for a single food. Cats who refuse to eat can cause serious medical problems. The same goes for sick cats with a poor appetite, cats that are on a diet, and picky cats that refuse to eat. Veterinarians should watch for cats that refuse to eat and lose weight.