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Five proven ways to make money online by using your skills


Yes, you can make money online without thinking about WordPress or any other website creator. You can earn a respectable four-figure income every month, depending on your ability level and interests. Here are some examples below.

Become a proofreader

You can earn money by proofreading papers, books, business records, and other documents. Proofreaders will make as much as $17.50 per hour. An editor’s annual salary was estimated to be over $43,000. To work as a proofreader, you don’t need to own a website.

In short, you will start earning as a proofreader whether you have a Ph.D. or are just starting college. It makes no difference where you come from. You only need a knack for finding and correcting grammatical errors to make money.


Quick tasks are work that can be completed in a short amount of time. These tasks could include surveying, watching videos, conducting online analysis, and more. You won’t need to be on your phone for the majority of these jobs.

A quiet atmosphere is needed for jobs that require you to be on the phone. When you work from home as a parent, your children aren’t always calm. And your roommate would not appreciate you whispering to her every few minutes to take or make phone calls.

Some websites compensate you for taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, playing games, redeeming gift cards and coupons, completing individual tasks, reading emails, and other activities.

Apps that pay you to use them

Google Play has over 2.8 million downloads, while Apple’s App Store has 2.2 million. “There’s got to be money somewhere in this sea of applications,” you’re probably thinking. Yes, there is money in the cache of the applications! Such instances are as follows:

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Field Agent: Earn money by completing a series of short tasks on your computer. Per mission, you can earn anywhere from $3 to $12. You’ll be doing things like product reviews, shelf inventory checks, and show enforcement checks, among other things. They make their payment via PayPal. Field Agent works with companies including Hershey’s, Tyson, and Target.

Language Translation and Transcription

You can make money online if you have fast fingers and good hearing. Make a career as a transcriptionist. There are three types of transcription jobs: medical, legal, and general. Do you converse and write fluently in two languages? Make a career as a translator. So, if you know one language incredibly well or two (or more) languages fluently, you will make money. As a transcriptionist, you can earn up to $25 per hour. If you’re going to be transcribing, you’ll need to learn how to use Express Scribe.


Forex trading surprisingly took off in 2020, and people started learning more about what trading actually is and how to do it safely. It’s important to know that trading is considered an investment, and by approaching Forex like that, you are more likely to stay in the game. Be ready to learn and to research Forex brokers before you open a trading account. Safety is most important, especially around money, and it’s easy to spot scams since there are many regulator websites where you can quickly check if the broker you are eyeing is licensed or not.

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