Dictador Rum

Dictador Offers Rare Vintage Spirit via NFT BlockBar



The spirit’s name comes from Severo Arango y Fero, known as “El Dictador”. In the early 1700s was in charge of the trade of Spain and colonies. At the end of the 18th century. Severo Arango y Fero traveled to Cartagena de Indias in Nueva Granada (today’s Colombia). He was planning to enhance the system of tax collecting in Spain within the American Spanish colonies. His power and strength were soon recognized and were dubbed DICTATOR.

Their passion and love for the exotic drink helped him become the main producer of the exotic spirit of sugarcane.


The location, which is near the seaside provides a unique microclimate ideal for the aging spirit. With an ambient temperature of 25 degrees. And relative humidity over 85 percent each year. The proximity of the ocean creates a distinctive flavor of Spirit.

In the process of making spirit dependent on the kind. The result of the initial sugar cane pressing. Then, in copper columns or steel alembics distillation is performing. The distillate produced by this method is transferred into oak barrels, which it’s aged. The barrels are where the spirit receives its final “cut” making it taste and aroma.

Product Portfolio

In the year 2018, with the launch of Dictador 2 Masters. Dictador has entered the luxury spirit category. With its products targeted at spirits connoisseurs, collectors, and investors. Dictador 2 Masters is a distinct collection of spirits that are each designs by two masters. Who excel with the arts of spirit champagnes, spirits, champagnes cognac, and Armagnacs. Dictador 2 Masters introduces an entirely new class of premium Spirit and elevates the category to a collector of luxury position.

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He is a descendant of the legendary Don Julio Arango y Parra. Hernan Parra is a member of the 3rd generation that creates an elegant Colombian spirit. The master supervises the entire making process using unique family recipes that have been refined over three generations.

Brown spirits

Hernan Parra has received a lot of recognition within his field of expert blenders and brown spirits. His Spirits was awarded numerous times at international competitions.

NFTs are everywhere. Celebrity artists, fashion houses, and famous athletes have joined involved in the digital revolution and now spirits are getting their turn.

Dictador Spirit

Colombia’s Dictador Rum Spirit company has joined forces together with NFT the spirit.  Spirits platform. BlockBar to offer a special vintage spirit through NFT. The Dictador Generations bottles from 1976 were aged 45 years. Only 10 bottles will be available for sale. As well as Ethereum through BlockBar. BlockBar platform.

Dictador is one of the more distinctive and sought-after Spirit brands around the globe. They are able to connect with a brand new category of collectors. Spirit as a genre has seen an incredible growth rate in recent years. It has proved a growing segment in the world of spirits. Very few spirits reach the age of 21. We’re excited to present this outstanding Spirit in a gorgeous Lalique decanter.”

Dictador Generations Lalique

It is a singular product and concept in the time of Dictador.  The president of Dictador Europe. The experience of several generations in the Parra family is transforming into a unique and exclusive liquid. It contained a stunning crystal created in the name of Lalique. They dedicate 10 bottles towards this NFT sale as part of an offer that is personalizing to partner BlockBar. It’s the first time a project that’s this intricate and distinctive. And would let one familiar with the Dictador brand at every level that their senses allow them to.

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Top-Quality Spirits

In 1913by the company Dictador. It is producing top-quality Spirits in Cartagena for more than 100 years. The distillery is situated in South America’s very most important sugarcane production region. Although luxury spirits are growing in recognition and popularity in the auction marketplace. However, vintage spirits are still scarce.

Making It The Most Expensive Price of Any Spirit Offered At An Auction at Sotheby’s.

The NFT will function as a digital invoice for the item. Buyers can trade the NFT for the actual bottle, sell it. And transfer the item directly to BlockBar at any time. BlockBar will keep bottles until the purchaser is ready to receive them.

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