The Evolution of Nokia Phones: From Brick to Smartphone


Nokia has come a long way as a mobile phone manufacturer. Back in the days, they were the leading analog phone company and one of the first ones to develop coloured displays. Though Nokia has lost its top spot in the industry, with brands like Apple and Samsung winning customers over, the company has certainly bounced back. Little by little, they are reclaiming their place in the mobile phone industry. 

Brief History of Nokia Phones

The first Nokia phone was the Mobira Cityman 900, released in 1987. This was a very basic handset with a monochrome display, limited SMS messaging capabilities, and a battery life of only 25 minutes. The next major development in Nokia phones was the launch of the Nokia 1011 in 1992, which was the first commercially available GSM handset. This phone featured a long battery life, text messaging, and a larger display.

In 1996, Nokia released the Nokia 9000 Communicator, their first smartphone. This device featured a full QWERTY keyboard, an email client, and a web browser. It also ran Symbian OS, the first mobile operating system to be widely used.

In 2002, Nokia released the Nokia 7650, their first camera phone. This device featured a 0.3 megapixel camera, which was revolutionary at the time. It also featured a color display, Bluetooth connectivity, and a web browser.

Nokia continued to innovate in the mobile space throughout the 2000s, launching devices such as the N-Series and E-Series, both of which featured touchscreen displays and app stores.

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Nokia At Present

Nokia has continued to innovate, incorporating advanced mobile technology into their new smartphone models. Nokia’s latest flagship smartphones are the Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6.1 Plus. These phones offer a range of features including an edge-to-edge display, dual cameras, and AI-driven imaging. They are also powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, which are designed to deliver faster performance and extended battery life. Additionally, these phones feature Nokia’s signature PureDisplay technology for an immersive viewing experience, and Android One for the latest Google innovations. This classic phone manufacturer delivers a secure and up-to-date experience, with monthly security updates and access to the Google Play Store.

Current Nokia Phone Models

For users on the lookout for advanced mobile phone models, you may want to consider these new offerings from Nokia: 

  1. Nokia 5.3
  2. Nokia 2.4
  3. Nokia 7.2
  4. Nokia 8.3 5G
  5. Nokia C3
  6. Nokia 1.3
  7. Nokia 6.2
  8. Nokia 5.1
  9. Nokia 1 Plus
  10. Nokia 4.2

Should You Buy a Nokia Phone?

Whether or not you should buy a Nokia phone depends on your needs and preferences. Nokia phones are well-known for their longevity and reliability, so if you are looking for a phone that lasts a long time, then a Nokia could be a good choice. Nokia phones also offer good value for money, with a wide range of budget and mid-range models available. Some of their analog phone sets are still available for purchase on select stores across the globe. On the other hand, if you are looking for the latest technology and features, then make sure to purchase the latest Nokia smartphone models. 

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