Stainless Steel Laboratory Casework

How Select The Right Stainless Steel Casework For Your Laboratory?

Labs rely on the ability to deliver accurate results in minimal turnaround time as well as proficient equipment is important to make sure that these goals may be met. In addition to this, equipment is often one of the most noteworthy outlays in labs, where limited funding often means that expenditure should be cautiously controlled. […]

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What are the Uses of Laboratory Ductless Fume Hoods

Fume hoods are enclosed workbenches that are used in laboratories while working with biohazardous materials or chemicals that emit toxic fumes. They prevent the toxic gases and other potentially harmful compounds from escaping into the laboratory and its working area. All sides of a fume hood are covered, except the front where a protective sash […]

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what is the importance of laboratory Cleanroom Furniture?

A cleanroom is a very important part of the laboratory and it is a very difficult task to choose the perfect cleanroom furniture that fulfills the specific requirements. It is very important to choose the right cleanroom furniture to ensure productivity and optimum utilization of the cleanroom space. The right cleanroom furniture benefits the overall […]

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