What are the common eye injuries

What are the common eye injuries? For what type of injury you can claim compensation?

The human eye is an organ that helps us to see. Eyes are one of the sensitive parts of the body. Our eyes even shrink when light exposure is massive. Dust particles can also create irritation in the eyeball. Any injury to the eye can cause a severe problem and is very painful. Severe injuries […]

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What are Burn Injuries? How Can You Medical Negligence Claim?

Burn injuries are dangerous and painful. These injuries take a reasonable time to heal. Burn can occur due to various accidents. If you are involved in such an accident you can claim compensation. This is also your right to claim for the pain you are suffering. Most of the hospitals have a separate burn unit […]

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Electric Shock Injury at Work Compensation Claim

Electric Shock Injury: If you work closely with electricity, it’s very important that your employer provides you all equipment that increases your safety at work. By using safety equipment you can save yourself from the devastating effects of electric shock injuries. If you experience an electric shock injury in the workplace, school, and departmental store […]

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