If you are planning to put on some severe Halloween makeup this season, featuring lots of body paint, glue, and the stuff, worry not. Here are some easy and super-effective ways to remove heavy Halloween makeup.

While investing in some right makeup for the D-day, do not forget to add to your cart a few makeup removal items. Cleansers, body washes, toners, exfoliants, and more – you may need them all. Nowadays, you can also get makeup removal wipes. Everything is affordable, so you have no excuse in not investing in the good stuff, especially if you have Lime Crime coupon with you.

What’s Scarier Than Your Halloween Makeup?

Your skin after Halloween night!

All that caking up on heavy makeup, especially that containing dimethicone, silicone, and waxes can lead to breakouts due to clogging of pores.

Don’t let the day after Halloween be scarier than your Halloween night.

Use Good Makeup

Before you know how to remove makeup, you must know how to use powder, advise dermatologists.

Always use good-quality makeup, no compromise in this. You may be tempted to use paints and glues, plus save money, so you may go for the cheapest products, thinking it is only for one night.

According to dermatologists, using harmful makeup, even for a couple of hours on the skin is enough to damage it.

Cheap makeup products usually contain petroleum products, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and its releasers, and may also feature PAH – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Also, watch out for pore-clogging ingredients like octyl stearate and acetylated lanolin.

So, no matter what, use only the best quality makeup, which is easy to get nowadays. It is affordable too. It contains non-comedogenic products that do not clog pores and let your skin breathe beneath the layers. They are rich in pigments and bone-chillingly bold, yet friendly to the surface.

Golden Rule of Makeup

Prep your skin before applying heavy Halloween makeup, advise dermatologists.

Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser to eliminate excess oil from the skin. Then, use a non-silicone, light primer.

If you are planning to use prosthetics and lots of glitter, both of which are irritating to the skin, arrange for a barrier cream of professional grade. Unlike primer, this cream seals your surface and prevents the makeup from getting absorbed into the skin.

It will also be easier for you to glide off the makeup after the party. You can rest assured that your skin is protected beneath the dense layers of makeup.

Hot Tips

  • Use warm water to remove makeup.
  • Use a soft makeup removal sponge or cotton pads dabbed in hydrating and oily cleansers to scrub off that stubborn layer.
  • To remove heavy eyeshadow and mascara, use baby oils. They create a slippery effect, and your makeup will fall off easily. Avoid oily products in case you have acne-prone skin.
  • Avoid rubbing skin hard to remove makeup debris. Just splash repeatedly with warm water.
  • Use Micellar Water to remove stubborn makeup.
  • Moisturize skin after removing makeup.
  • You may want to go without makeup for a day or two after Halloween to let your skin breathe.

About Micellar Water

Micellar water contains a mix of purified water, mild surfactants in low concentrations, and hydrating agents like glycerin.

Surfactants are known to suck up dirt and oil from the surface. When you dab a cotton pad in this water and wipe your face with it, the formula picks up dirt and makeup debris from your skin pores, leaving your skin clean and fresh. A good thing is that this water suits acne-prone skin.

Professional makeup artists use Micellar water for makeup removal.

You may not need it for everyday makeup, but Halloween makeup is usually substantial. This water may prove to be beneficial. You can choose to do any look without worrying about how you will remove the cakey layers of makeup, paint, and glue.

How to Remove Faux Blood?

You can use the shaving cream layer to remove the stains of faux blood. After this, wash it off with water. The foam in the cream would restrict it from entering the skin.

How to Remove Face Paint?

You can experiment on your looks with different body and face paints available in the market. Many oils can remove these paints easily. You can use a face wash that contains isopropyl myristate. Baby oils are gentle to the skin and are effective in removing the makeup.

How to Remove Fake Tattoos?

You can use scrub gloves to remove the tattoos. You can utilize nail polish remover to take out of such symbols. It contains acetone that is harmless for the skin.


So, be wise in choosing makeup and prepping skin before applying makeup for hassle-free makeup removal. Interested in coupons of Lime Crime? Don’tPayAll is a great place.