Effective real estate broker marketing requires a substantial financial commitment and a solid strategy. You build your brand and navigate fluctuating market conditions, but you’re also trying to attract the most talented agents while connecting with prospective clients. 

There are many moving parts, and each of them is equally important. Your real estate broker marketing strategy must be relevant and unique to garner the correct type of attention and produce top-tier results. These special tips will help you get unparalleled results and keep your strategy current. 

Get Your Brokerage to the Top of the SERPS

Getting your brokerage to the top of the search engine results page is almost its strategy, but it pays off big. Research indicates that more than half of all home buyers start their search online. You want your brokerage to be the one they contact to take the next step. Here are the four main digital real estate broker marketing strategy components that get you to the top.

  • Google AdWords
  • Targeted geolocations
  • Strong, easy to navigate website
  • Blog with video & virtual home tours

Investing some of your real estate broker marketing dollars into Google AdWords is an excellent way to make that happen. Be sure to use targeted geolocations so the people who see your ad are local to your business

Ensure your website is strong, easy to navigate, and optimized for mobile. Studies show more than 70 percent of digital ad spend is mobile, and people often judge a business by the quality of its website.

It’s also essential to maintain a blog and post on it regularly using highly relevant keywords. Add video whenever possible because virtual tours are top-rated. Video consistently ranks higher in the Google algorithm along with blog posts. Your brokerage should maintain a high degree of digital visibility between the paid Google AdWords and the organic consistency of regular blog posts with video.  

Market on Facebook with a Pixel

Facebook ads are worth their weight in gold, and if you install a Facebook Pixel on your website, they’re worth more than that. Your audience has just grown exponentially, and your ability to reach your target market intimately. 

You can now drill down to your target market of local qualified prospects and create multiple touchpoints. The secret to marketing on Facebook is to talk directly to one person and tell a story in a setting that does not seem like an ad. Draw them in and set up retargeting campaigns based on actions. 

Videos can be good here, too, and it doesn’t take a significant investment to see great returns. 

Employ Classic Real Estate Broker Marketing Rules & Tools to Connect

People do business with people they like, no matter where it starts. Your real estate broker marketing campaign is about connecting with people and building credibility. Your word is your reputation, on and off the web.

It’s a great idea to set up a response campaign for every line of communication online and in person. Being highly responsive helps establish your presence and build your reputation. It also helps drive referrals.

Lastly, incorporate some classic advertising tactics to extend your reach. Direct mail works. Signs and radio plugs work. They’re local and cost-effective. 

Utilizing these seven real estate broker marketing tips is the best way to ensure a steady flow of fresh new qualified prospects for your business. You’ll build your brand and establish it as a real estate broker authority in your market.