E-commerce Business Debts


According to www.huffingtonpost.com, 80% of the businesses that have started small do not qualify for the traditional business loans. It is not practically possible to run a business that is completely free from any kinds of debts. But, it is considered to be extremely wise if you are trying to reduce the debts. Too much of debt not only cripple your business, but it can also end up crippling you. It is true that it would be absolutely perfect to run a business that is completely debt free, but that is virtually impossible. The best thing that you can do is try to reduce the debt to the extent that you can.
Given below are a few important ways that you can consider for lowering the debt that your e-commerce business is carrying along with it.

Knowing the numbers

It is crucial that you are familiar with all the numbers. This means that you should have a proper knowledge about the cost of the individual raw materials, rent, lease costs, labor, and a number of other things as well. It is important to know about the costs of all the items and the interest rates that have been levied on all the individual business debts. If you do not have a proper idea, chances are that you are paying a lot of money for something, without being aware.

Being smart about the ordering

There are times when you tend to stock an item of poor margin, which may be successful in drawing people to the e-commerce store, but as the general rule goes, if this particular item is not capable of getting you the margins in comparison to your competitions, it is definitely not worth the time. Sales that are responsible for the ultra-low margins are known to cost a lot of money to your business. It is your duty to identify all the unprofitable sales and try to eliminate them. You can also look for the lower prices from the suppliers.

Increase the margins

When margins are being discussed, you need to understand that each and every industry is known to have its very own benchmark. It is crucial that you know the margins of your e-commerce business. You can either raise the prices or lower the costs, and it is completely up to you. The objective should be of raising the margins without touching the overhead expenses at all. You need to know the amount that the other e-commerce businesses are charging for a similar item. See if you are capable of purchasing more at lower costs, without having to lose all the savings to the debt services. You can go through the debt consolidation loan feedback left by the other businesses as well if that is what you prefer.

Watching the inventory

Some items are similar to the refrigerator that you have, they tend to keep lingering. You should look for a product within your inventory that is not selling at all, and you should liquidate it. Inventory is the place where a huge amount of money is normally tied up. Chances are that you are paying interest for the stale inventory, which probably everyone has already forgotten about. You should not allow it to sit in your store without being noticed. Even if you are incurring a loss when you are moving the stale items of your inventory, liquidation is considered to be much better than keeping all your money tied.

Checking the interest rates

Many e-commerce business owners enjoy economic climates of low rates of interest. If your business has an older debt, it is probably time for negotiating the interest terms.

Talking about the terms

If you face any trouble when you are making payments, you should probably talk to your supplier and extend the terms. It is true that you may not be able to save extra money, but when you are lowering payments, it can provide you with the financial room that is required, until your product sells.

Selling and leasing back

If you have large items, it will make sense if you can sell them and lease these items back. Though the payments can be lower, it can be useful. In order to gauge the amount that is coming from this unique strategy, you might need assistance from professionals who are capable of crunching these numbers.

Asking the employees

Sometimes, your employees may know things that your managers may not have knowledge about. Your employees will have a proper knowledge about where the money is normally wasted. If they are reluctant to provide you with sufficient information, you can offer a bonus to them, so that they agree to help you and save your e-commerce business from losing money.

Being tough on the customers

You should not become an e-commerce business owner that all your customers start hating, but it is important that all the customers are meeting the payment terms and conditions.
When the payment terms are being disobeyed, chances are that you will not be able to pay off a portion of your debt in a proper time, which can be bad for your business and can attract a lot of unwanted troubles.

Speaking to credit counselors

It is true that the credit counselors normally work with the individuals, but there are a few that work with the e-commerce businesses as well. If you face any kind of troubles when you are negotiating a better term, credit counselors can assist you.

Hiring debt management companies

If you hire a debt management company, they will enter your e-commerce business and try to sniff out the issues that are making you lose money unnecessarily. Troubles that you are not able to detect can be easily detected by a debt management company. It is true that they are a little expensive, but they can be extremely beneficial in the future.


Since you are the owner of your e-commerce business, it is completely dependent on you as to how you will reduce the business debts. If you follow all the tips that are mentioned above, you will find it easier to reduce the debts.