Traditionally, HR professionals work with paper to get work done in time, which is a Document Driven Process. HR needs to drive the change because the manual process takes a lot of time and they need to be aware of all documentation processes which also includes a strong of document loss or damage. HR personnel are responsible for designing and maintaining a good work culture for the organization. This process needs HR to add digital technologies in the HR department for simplifying the HR functions. Digitalizing all methods changes the working environment such as automatic onboarding, attendance regularize, automated salary process, and statutory compliance. These automatic process with a minimum requirement of human resource (HR) can enhance the employees and the organization’s welfare. Digital technologies use multiple algorithms and its analytics for past data and current data and make predictions about the future course of action. Now many companies have embraced AI technologies since it has intelligence and automation clubbed together as a cognitive replacement of human decision makers. Using these digitalized processes, HR can contribute to the business proactively, thereby eliminating the human error. Digital HR process makes most of the repetitive work done automatically with replacing new technologies Attendance management system.

Employee Self Service:

Employee self-service portal can help HR to save their time and increase efficiency. Without ESS, HR team needs to invest a lot of time to solve employees’ grievance about attendance, leave, salary process, travel expense etc. After implementing digital technology, its has advanced employee self-service it allows employees to access their personal information and payroll information at one place as well as they can also apply for leave, check to leave balance, check they’re in/out time, statutory compliance and download payslip itself. On finding any incorrect information, they can make change requests and check their live request status, whether their application has been approved or pending. An employee can access all details form their smart-phone at any time using a mobile application. Now employee self-service is an emerging trend in every business as it eliminates the monotonic work of HR personnel. HR software makes HR tasks easier and eradicates mundane HR administrator tasks. ESS portal can handle all information at one place and there no need to consult HR unnecessarily and drop the clumsy interrogation. Implementing digitalized HR software, a business can immediately see increase productivity and efficiency.      

Automation in Onboarding :

Now paperwork becomes a dreaded task for every HR department. The onboarding process takes a lot of time in handling documents, but automatic onboarding process can simplify the HR process and save time, money and efforts. HR software provides digitalized process such as HR can set the automated screening process, interview scheduling and set various policy related to onboarding independently for all job profiles. HR gets a notification when an interview date comes near. After an interview for the selected candidates, there is no need to create an offer letter manually as using automated onboarding module; they can create multiple offer letter at the same time. Candidates can upload their document in a centralized database where they stored securely only authorized personnel can access it. Employees can get the credential of onboarding portal from which they get all information such as who is the manager of their team, which project to work on, company policies, and other information. This automation process helps an HR administrator to reduce repetitive and time-consuming daily tasks. Reports give clear metrics of candidates’ hiring test result through which HR can save their precious time and a focus on productive tasks. Effective and automated onboarding programme is proven to increase employee engagement strategies and retention.

Integration of attendance, performance and payroll process:

Manually tracking the employee’s attendance records on paper leaves more chances to increase absenteeism, time theft and buddy punching. For measuring performance, it is a challenging task for the HR department, as this process becomes complex to perform without any automated system which results in the generation of various incorrect information. With the integrated HR system, you can bring everything together. With a single system, HR can integrate all system such as attendance, leave, overtime, performance, and calculate different wages. Employees get their salary based on their regularization and performance, so it motivates them to work better. When HR performs payroll process, the HR software fetches employees’ working hours, performance, and statutory compliance. There is the enormous scope of automation in work flow and minimizes HR intervention. HR personnel spend more time in employee data analysis, but digital HR technologies generate reports of all requirements including statutory compliance also, based upon these reports they can decide on feature planning. Integrated hr software decreases HR obligations and reduces risk and manual efforts.

All the features mentioned above change all HR processes, and business can get all processes simplified though automation which increases productivity. The HR department needs to enhance the digitization of processes and constructively contribute to the organization.