Every household needs a way to dispose of daily waste. Families, usually use their bin in their house to dispose of the regular rubbish and hire a pickup service to empty the bin. A guy from the pickup service comes to homes, empty their bins and takes up the garbage in a vehicle to a landfill.

However, the availability of skip bins is quickly replacing the regular pick up services in many towns and cities. Skip bins are containers installed at various residential and commercial location for disposal and collection of waste.

Skip bins come in various sizes and types depending on the requirements of customers. They are made to improve the waste management system in multiple countries. This post shares the common types of skip bins for both residential and commercial use.

Marrel Skip Bins

These are the most commonly used bins for household as well as commercial waste disposal. Marell bins are tall, and they are difficult to load and unload on a vehicle than other types of containers. They are short and don’t need a large space for installation and transport. They are usually available as the size of a car.

Hooklift skip bins

These are common types of containers used for disposal of residential and commercial rubbish. They have a longer length than Marrel bins but are lower on the sides. Hooklift bins have a rectangular shape and available in sizes from 4 to 30 m3. They come with a door to facilitate the users to open for disposal of waste. The open swing door makes the loading of waste easy for users. Hooklift bins are commonly used for commercial and industrial waste, but if required, it can also be used to dispose of large amounts of household waste.

Mobile skip bins

These are the latest addition to the waste management industry. Workplaces have some hard to reach areas like office blocks, vehicle garages, basements and underground parking areas. They are also called as mini skip bins, and you can see them on the roadsides where people can dispose of waste.

The real benefit of mobile skip bins is that the waste collection guys can move it on the wheels to the rubbish. You don’t need to carry the waste to the container. However, these bins are suitable for disposal of light waste, dry timber and general waste.

Bulk Bins

Sometimes households need to dispose of a large amount of waste such as occasional waste. The construction waste, renovation waste and occasional waste from events are large and require bulk bins for disposal. Bulk bins are large and come in three sizes to suit the needs of high amounts of garbage. They are suitable for green waste, timber, steel, green waste and construction waste.

Front lift bins

Also, known as dumpster bins, the front lift bins are perfect for commercial and industrial waste. Dumpster bins are also suitable for general household waste. They are made for easy opening of the lid and disposing of the waste. Front lift bins come in three sizes, but some companies also offer customized dumpster bins to fit the needs of all customers.

Wheelie bins

If you want a container to fit that can fit into small spaces, and you can use anywhere, wheelie bins should be your choice. Wheelie bins are small and available for individual households. Moreover, they have wheels so that users can move them after filling quickly or take them out to dispose of the waste to a larger bin.

Wheelie bins come in four standard sizes and users can use them for the disposal of daily household waste. Families can use them to dispose of kitchen waste, cardboard, paper waste and e-waste. Small sized of wheelie bins are suitable only for kitchen and paper waste.

Skip bags

Skip bags are a unique variety of disposal bags that are quite different from standard bins. Unlike other types of containers made of solid steel or plastic, the skip bags are made of flexible plastic. If you want a unit, you need to ask your skip bin company whether they provide skip bags or not.

Most skip bins companies in Wollongong offer skip bags for their customers. Skip bags are useful to collect and dispose of the waste in a larger skip bin installed in your location. However, you cannot use them for disposal or transfer of bulky waste as it can tear the skip bags.

Type of waste

When it comes to types of waste that skip bin companies allow you for disposal, there is a wide range of waste. However, there are four categories of waste – green waste (biodegradable), non-degradable, hazardous and e-waste. Most of the e-waste is recyclable and green waste is degradable.

The recyclable waste is sent to a recycling facility and used to make new products. The hazardous waste like chemicals and industrial waste requires separate disposal and dumped in a different landfill.

Final Words

These are the types of skip bins available for disposal of household and commercial waste. If you are looking for cheapest skip bin hire Wollongong you can search online to find a list of service providers. Now, as you know, various types of skip bins, you can choose to get the service for your home. Every household or office can get a skip bin as per the requirement of daily waste disposal. Households also need to consider the type of waste while choosing a skip bin service for your home.