Using Custom Boxes Great Way to Save Money

Are you paying the right amount to ship foam peanuts and ship air to your client? Unless you are using the Custom Boxes, the unfortunate answer is the big fat YES!
Currently, custom packaging is much more than the physical appearance of your product. Yes, it is true that it’s the brand ambassador of your brand. It represents your company. The attractive packaging makes your client make the unboxing video and increase your urge for using it; let’s be practical. Do you know that custom boxes are also the opportunity to save you the thousands of dollar in the shipping fees?


Let’s take a look at Custom Boxes: Great Way to Save Money

For most companies, one of the essential features of operating successful centers around discovering ways to save bucks. Saving cash with business typically suggests lower overhead expenses and consequently, higher profit for the company. It is significant for companies to look for alternatives to do things not only beneficial but also budget where possible. When we talk about saving money within your company, sourcing supplies and custom articles can often appear in conflict with the idea of saving bucks, but here we can explain to you how it is solely possible to source Custom Printed Boxes in a way that still benefits your company to save dollars overall.

Reduces the Shipping Cost

E-commerce business has got popularity in recent years. It is no surprise that carriers require their piece of the pie.
The courier companies naturally desire to fill their courier vehicles. And they do not like to waste space with the buck of air. If you want to use the oversize boxes, you are going to have to give a premium. First off, we should understand the calculation method.

reduce shipping cost

Shipping charges are manageable, right? Let’s find out!

You weigh your article, and then you understand how much postage you require. Not so fast. This method may work in earlier days, but now it is no more applicable. Here is the formula which you must need to know. Are you familiar with the dimensional weight? NO. You just need to be because it can elevate your prices. Even you are sending something as light as a feather.
Now, most significant shippers use something called “dimensional weight” (DIM) pricing. It takes into the record the package volume, also its weight.
The method to get the dimensional weight of the Custom Printed Boxes is the height times, the length times, the width, divided by a DIM factor (Length x Width x Height / DIM Factor). Recently there is a reduction in DIM Factor. It means you give more for the bigger carton.

So, how do these boxes decrease your shipping costs?

Custom packaging and boxes save you bucks on transportation by avoiding the one-size-fits-all boxes you can buy everywhere and anywhere. Your box printing with the exact weight of your article along with dimension it will be easier for the courier company to calculate the cost and it charges you the correct amount.

Reduce Returns by Avoiding Broken Products

The damaged article is an easy way to lose clients. It is also 1one of the principal reasons for the goods’ return. Not only will you probably lose a client by sending broken merchandise. But it is is going to charge you in other ways, too. returning the article is another cost you will likely have to eat if the buyer returns the damaged item.
The primary purpose of your custom boxes is to protect your article from damaging. Although you have dispatched the item in Packaging Printing with fragile logo on it. Again the correct size is matter.
Of course, you can use packaging printing with the fragile logo along with all type of extra bubble wrap, papers, air pillows, and padding-but it will also increase the cost.

fragile custom boxes


Do not Spark Negative and Be Wasteful Reviews

You want to give protection, but not too many peanuts and air and peanuts. You don’t want your consumers opening extremely-oversized custom boxes.
No one likes to see the bunch of waste, and looking for the ways to dispose of them. Think for a moment. You are shipping a small box of chocolate in the large box, filled with all sort of plastic protections and bubble wrap. You butter will not waste time to give you the bad review.
By keeping in mind the product size and weight company producer the custom printed boxes. It makes your brand look professional and avoids embarrassment.

rating for custom boxes


Repeating! Box Size Matter

We have discussed it already. The oversized box is going to charge you a lot. Many retailers sell a variety of goods, from soap to cosmetics, which come in all various sizes and shapes. Retail requires finding out what they are selling, what shape and size these articles will fit. As the business, you need to have a variety of sizes to fill all of your items.

size of custom boxes

The oversized carton is going to charge you with additional inner packaging and both higher shipping costs. Let’s do some math. Just paying the few extra bucks on each carton can immediately translate to thousands of wasted bucks over a year.
Plus, you are using the incorrect size, you are going to have to shell out more for all of the peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. required to fill the extra space.