Many athletes and employeeshave propershoes for their work. It’sequallyimportant to be wearing the correct footwearfor riding and working aroundhorses.Shoes or boots that are well-madeensure your feet are protected if theyfall on the ground, andcan prevent your footfrom slidingoverthestirrup in the event that you falloff your horsewhileriding.Flip-flops, high heelssandals, clogsorshoessuch asCrocs,andcanvas shoeshave no place inthe barn.Even rubber boots do not offermany protections even though they canserve a purposein the event of rain or you’re cleaningstalls.When you’re choosing any typeofequipment, including footwear, always think ‘safety first’.

What Not to Wear

Shoes specifically designed for ridingare available in differentstyles.What ever style you select the best riding boots shouldfeature a low treadand a heelthat isapproximately1.25 inches(2.5cm)approximately1 1/2inches tall. Thiswill keepyour boot from sliding acrossthe stirrup. Bootsthat have thick or heavytreads, likehiking boots or snowboots, are not suitablefor riding. However,theymay be appropriatefor workinginside the stable.These boots tend to belarge and wide with awith a boxy top, which meanstheymight get caught upbetween the sides of thestirrup. They alsohave a lotof grip which is usefulwhile you’re hiking but willmake itmore difficulttoslide your foot inas well out.

7 Common Beginner Horseback Riding Mistakes

Waterproof Boots

Whether you chooseaEnglish orwestern style boot is upto you. Westernboots traditionally tend tohave aslightlyhigherin the heelthan English.Some western boots come withcrepe soles, which maynotbe able to slidethrough the stirrups.Also, you can findankle-highboots.This may be more comfortablewhen you wanttoride inhalf chaps.But all will provide youwithgood stability and security.

A lot of less expensivebooties are constructed fromtheupper or lowersor both of them, made ofvinyl.They may not be ascomfortableon your feet and canbe more fragilethanleather boots, whichare able to be repaired. Theymay not breath as much asleather,but they aresimpler to clean whentheyget soiled.

Packershave become very popularand look stylish.they’regreat for dailyclothing in the barn, as well aswalking.They’re durable and offerassistance for riding withoutbeing as heavy asEnglish boots.

English Boot Styles

English bootsare available indistinct styles too. Traditional dress boots, thosehigh black boots that wefind inolderBritish hunting scenesremaincommon in the dressage ringand also in eventing. Theyare suitable for almost everyEnglish discipline.Someback-country riders and trail ridersare of the opinion that apair of tall boots isideal for protection and comfortevery day.Some people find themhot and cumbersome. Field bootslook similar todress boots but havea lace-up over the instep.They can be wornwithin the hunter show ring. Theyare more comfortable if youhave afoot withhigh instep. Thelacing makes iteasier togetintoand out.

Tall boots of all kindsmay or not havean opening in the backwhich makes them more convenienttoslipinand out of. If youlocate a fantasticpair ofnew or usedshoes, but they’redifficult to put on,it ispossible tohave zippers addedor replacedif they areworn.

Paddock boots, also known as Jodphur,are Englishstylesof riding bootsthat onlyextend tothe ankle. They aretypicallyworn by kidson the show rings,wearing jodhpurs with leather gaiters straps that fitthrough the calf area justbelow theknees to keepthe jodhpursto bunchoverthe leg.A lot of adults wear these in combination with half-chaps or with themfor riding on a daily basis.A quality pair iscomfy to wear aroundthe barn, althoughyou shouldn’tmake use of leather boots forriding stalls or mucking. Jodhpur bootscomeinpull-on, zipper,or lacedstyles.A fewpreferzippers becausethey are easyfor them to get on andtake off and take off, however, feet with tallarchescan be uncomfortable inthepull-on style or the zipper.

Running Shoe Styles

Running shoe styleboots areavailable to thosewhowant a casual appearancethat is comfortable anddurable. They don’t needany of the care that leather demands.They were as comfyas running shoesbut withsome additional support ontheankle and the sole.They’re actuallythe ideal choice if you’relooking for a sport that involves a ride and tie, whichinvolvesa bit ofrunning.Many trail-running enthusiasts who run long distanceswear these.


The boots are availablein a variety of materials,from synthetics and cotton canvasto leather.Of course, leather bootsare generallycostlier and requiregreater care. Thehigher the quality of theleatherand the betterdesign it is, the more comfortablethe moreexpensiveit will become. Trywith a pair of$500 boots as opposed tothe $100 bootsand you’llimmediately feelthedifferences in comfort and support.A high-quality pair offootwear is aninvestmentandwith proper care they will last longer than the less expensivemodel by many, manyyears.You will feel the sturdinessofgood-quality boots, soif new boots are outfrom your budget, consider combconsignmentshops or post ads on the internetfor old boots you canbe able to afford.

Both Englishand western-style boots are availablein synthetic materials. Thebiggest issue withrubber riding bootsis that theybecome hot to hold in the moisture andmay be very difficulttoget off. They’relike a suction cup toyour legs. They’regreat though when theweather is a bit wetorif you’re onlyriding in a few smallshows and don’t want topay forleather boots.

Many riders owntwo or more pairs ofboots,depending on the type of horsetheyare riding. Ifyou’re going to exhibit that you’llneed to haveseparate boots for both athomeand in competition. Of course,everysport requires a specificpair ofboots. So,in case you intend to showEnglishor western style, thenyou’lldefinitely needthe two typesof boots.For winter riding, you mightrequire a pair ofwell-insulated riding boots for your feet to stay warm.It is also possible to findtall boots or polo-style bootswith a brown or blackcuffs that are high up.They are acceptable aslong as they’re safeand comfortable.

Already-Owned Boots

You may have something else inyourcloset that would workperfectly, andwithout theexpense ofspecific boots designed specificallyfor riding.So long asyou can ensure that the heel as well as treadare suitable and not too largeto be used as a stirrup, andthey’re comfortable and supportyourfoot, they’llbeperfect.Dress boots that have a zipperthrough the innerleg won’t work.Be sure to look at your horse’soutfit with a focus onsafety, which is muchmore important thanhow youlook.