Payroll is the essential function in every business. Why every business needs to switch the cloud-based payroll system in the current situation is discussed here. By using payroll software, a company can gain more efficiency, increase productivity, minimise cost in business administration. Before some decades, HR needed to collect all payroll required information and all inputs manually, making HR feel very trudged. Every HR manager wants to run the payroll process seamlessly, but they would use paper and spreadsheet tools for payroll processing, leaving most probabilities to generate erroneous and incorrect information. Managing all HR function traditionally is not impractical, but it can be a time-consuming process. Cloud-based payroll software can handle all sophisticated tasks easily from a single console. Without any need to use multiple systems, the HR manager can update any information by just a single entry, which helps to generate the accurate result.

Automatic Update :

Automated payroll software saves a lot of time, money and reduces manual efforts. The HR professional is responsible for handling all organization’s function such as manage employee’s leave & attendance, track performance, manure regularization, payment details, handle travel expense & claim application and many more options, but, imagine if it possible to do it automatically instead of manual work? There are more chances of incorrect information being generating and missing out some details. Payroll software track all workforce information and store it in a centralized database. If a required employee may edit some information as HR admin may be busy to update employee’s report, update document information, and handle transaction task. Payroll software can automatically update all data by editing only one place then after directly reflect in the database, through which no need to verify. In case of miss out enter some payment details, tax, and compliance details, payroll software notifies about it.

Employee Accessibility :

Whether you have one HR admin and numerous employees and at that time it become complicated to handle all employees’ queries. With cloud-based payroll software, the employees can also access all information from their devices any time anywhere. It’s especially used when HR personnel have no more time to solve employees’ problems regarding leave, attendance, expense, and payment. An employee can track their leave balance, attendance records, PF & tax details as well as they can make an application for different types of leave. An employee can also download payslip themselves, and if an employee finds any incorrect data, then they can apply for rectification of that information. Some cloud-based software has an also self on-boarding feature, through which employee can upload all documents, get an induction, and also perform all test over there, which reduce the need of involving HR admin for performing all complex task.

Real Time Report:

Every organization’s HR requires to keep employees details reports such as tax, attendance, performance, statutory compliance, and With payroll software, HR can generate a various report, which will help to make strategic of the plan for increasing business productivity. HR can compare the profit and loss of the previous year and current year. payroll software generates appraisal and performance report which helps to an HR admin when they want to give appraisal and promotion of their employees. In a glance, the employee can view attendance details, leave balance, goal completion details, and compliance details by generating reports. The reporting also allows an in-depth analysis cost of the whole business and across the departments. It can also create JV file which directly fed to accounting software resulting in reduced workload.

Integration :

Before running the payroll process, your payroll system should be integrated with attendance, leave, PF, tax, bonus, expense and another module because of system’s need to collect employees’ data for calculating payroll. If input all details manually it very time-consuming task. Payroll software provides integration feature, which automatically fetches various details such as employee’s working days, performance, HCM details such as how much their DA, check to leave, bonus, expense’s, and tax. All data synchronize in one centralized database. After collecting that kind of information, payroll process can be run and finally generate basic salary and net pay of every employee through which leaves no need for data validation as well as minimizes chances of incorrect data. Cloud-based payroll software is also capable of integrating with accounting system as well. This process can save the time of both the accountant and HR, and generate accurate results.

Thus this is high time for you to adopt a cloud-based payroll software to improve your employee’s productivity and reduce human interaction when managing employees’ payroll process. It also takes better care of employees’ salaries, compliance, and business finance.