As an artist or the person that create those beautiful handicrafts, you have got so many ideas for your creation. But when it comes to having some blog posts for your website, you are totally out of it. Content plays an important role in digital space as it only drives organic traffic to your handicraft website and improves your reach and rankings on the search engine.

So all the creators of those beautiful handicrafts and handmade gifts, this post is just for you as we discussing few ideas upon which you can have a blog post. These ideas are very easy to write on and moreover, they are all relevant to what you do. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Handicrafts gifts

  1. A post dedicated to spreading happiness to your patrons as “Giveaways”:

If you’re thinking of a new post that is promotional as well informative, then “giveaways” are excellent options. A giveaway is one of the best tools to attract new followers and even entice new visitors. Handicrafts gifts are ideal as they need to be fitted or anything and they appeal every eye too. So a statue or some Indian handicrafts are best and work well for giveaways. One thing to note here is that you will go for giving away post of already crafted items as custom items will take more time to put into the finished product.

  1. A post dedicated to informing the customers and visitors about “features”:

There are many posts which are dedicated to informing the customers about the features of the handicrafts. Yes, it can be about the product used in it and how they make it so distinctive. It can be about the “method” used in crafting them. An informative blog is what a visitor seeks. Mentioning the features of the things will automatically drive more followers on blog posts.

  1. A post giving them the sneak peek of “work in progress”:

There are times when we fall out of ideas of what to post for your blog on handmade gifts and that are where this option will be at your rescue. Your readers will definitely look forward to the whole creative process. It is not necessary to pen down and add images of the whole process. You can make it easy by showing pictures or explaining how you put together all the things.

  1. A post dedicated to “what inspires you”:

As an artist indulged in creating art or things by hand, you never know what strikes or inspires you. You can find the inspiration in anything or anyone. So let your readers know about the “inspiration” through your blog posts. Readers will be fascinated by what inspires you and help you in creating these beauties. You can have a few posts telling the world what inspires you to create a masterpiece every single time. You can consider different things like color combinations, natural landscapes, etc.

  1. Show some personality through your posts:

You probably have heard of this concept while creating your content for the website. You can do the same for your blog posts as well. People want to know the person behind the whole creating process of those handmade gifts. Your visitors will be very happy to see the person behind the art. You can share a few personal things too that your users can resonate with except for your passion for the handicrafts. You can show the pictures of you working or of your team members.

  1. A post dedicated to tutorials and patterns

Yes, your visitors surely want to know how you create all this or for instance how you manage to create so well. We know you sell it but you can share tutorials of elementary things or other crafty endeavours. It’s not necessary to let it fit in your product line only. You can have something that is within the artistry spectrum of the post. For instance, if you’re a manufacturer and seller of handicrafts and handmade corporate gifts, you can give a tutorial over how you can use them to accentuate your space following a certain theme.

  1. A post dedicated to craft fairs and festivals

Let’s be honest, you have got so many festivities to celebrate in India. You can have the blog post related to them as it will be a promotional blog wherein you can promote your products as well. If you have a booth installed in any fair, you can let your readers know about it as well through a blog post. For instance, you can share how the business brands can go for handmade corporate gifts for the new year. New Year is special and while everyone is seeking so as to what to gift, your blog can help in sorting things out for them.

  1. You can give a thought to Guest posts as well

You can give a consideration asking fellow bloggers whose work you admire to write for your blog as guests blogger too. This will definitely extend the reach of your handicrafts website. These bloggers may share few tips and tutorials along with advice on the topics that are relevant to your usual content. For instance, if you’re a dealer of handmade corporate gifts and handicrafts, you can have a blogger that will give those advice over how to write the short personalized messages with each gift to make it more special.

  1. A post to let them know about the special discounts and incentives

You should give your readers some reason to follow it and to subscribe for your blog posts. You should have some posts related to the discounts and incentives you offer to your customers but make sure that it isn’t available anywhere else. You can have some “specials” just for your blog.

These are some of the ideas that you as the business brand for handicrafts can write upon for your blogs. we hope that you find it useful and that it will solve your problem over coming up with content ideas for your handicrafts website and that you can spend some more time in creating those distinctive masterpieces.