Instagram is not just an app for photos that go viral. It is an ideal platform to interact with your customers directly. Once you start up an Instagram account as a brand or business, you have to set your Instagram stories. 

Instagram has 5 million active users per day. So you can do most of the things using this Instagram to build your business. Here are the best Instagram ideas that global brands can use to attract their audience. 

1. Themed Story

According to the survey, 60% of millennials want to purchase sustainably. It is a great opportunity for brands who want to visually tell their story of the person responsible for the product. Deliberated colour scheme, candid photography, and fun-filled themes can easily promote the brand and get more engagements. 

2. Craft Headlines

Headlines are not just for blogs, posts, or stories. They will help you to make your story more memorable. To get the best result, make sure that your headlines must be specific and useful for your brand. To make your customers easily opt into your service, you can use a speedy Instagram post with a unique headline.

3. Keep your Audience Guessing

Information gaps can be good things. But they shouldn’t remain in the realm of luxury products. Always create vanishing stories for your Instagram. Instead of prompting your customers, please encourage them to follow their curiosity. 

For example: Create a story with a noticeable absence of text. So viewers are waiting for the next story to find the answer to that question. It will help you to increase the engagement. 

4. Reward Your Customers

You can give deals and discounts using Instagram stories. You can use the Instagram story as a visual contract between story and brand. As a brand, you can focus on offering budget solutions. 

5. Adapt Royalty-Free Content 

Always a good idea that exists beyond the original medium. You can recreate your content into different formats. For that, experiment with your actual format and choose the best one that fits for you. 

6. Repurpose News Letters for Stories

Newsletter content is also used for your stories. There will be a lot of chances for the users to follow your page for regular updates. If you are posting a small piece of news on your story and including the link for the full news, people can easily find their way using it. 

7. Use Poll Stickers

Polls are very powerful things for your Instagram stories. It is the best tool to know your audience’s preference. Using this, you can know the insights about the new feature or product your customer needs. Based on that information, you can make any changes if you want. 

8. Behind the Scenes Look

The backstage pass option is also available in Instagram stories. So it is best to show behind the scenes videos to your followers through stories. It will increase the trust of your brand among followers. 

9. Use Quizzes

Sometimes it is better to give different types of story options to your audience rather than promotional stories. It is always better to use quizzes. Polls keep things interesting, but quizzes help to test their knowledge and share useful things. 

10. Calendar events 

For building anticipation for main events, Instagram stories are a great thing. You can give a clue dropping and encourage your viewers to progress through the story. It is the best way to reward your customers by making their purchasing so easier. 

11. Location

Using locations in your stories is an important thing. Stories with locations will get 50% more views. Combining that location with hashtags will give two times more views for your stories. 

12. Encourage People to Message You

Having direct messages with your audience is a strong signal on Instagram. It will help you increase your engagement rate and help you have the best relationship with your customers and followers. 

13. Turn on Post Notification

Another best way to increase your engagement rate is to ask your followers to turn on the post notification. They will receive a notification every time you will post something. It increases the number of likes and comments you get. 

14. Keep engaging your audience 

Getting more followers is one thing. But another important thing is to keep engaging them. Other than consistently posting quality content, you have to make sure that your followers are staying engaged. Stories are the best place for updating regularly. It has lots of built-in tools to increase engagement. 

15. You can find new followers

You can find many new followers through stories. A quick way to boost your profile is to buy Instagram story views for brand promotion increasing social proof and credibility for your account simultaneoulsy.

16. Swipe Up

Swipe up feature available only for the accounts having more than 10K followers. If you are an opinion leader or blogger, a swipe up feature is the best one for promoting your posts. You can be creative and drive traffic to your page. 

17. Promote Your Latest Post

It is not necessary to build a link on your account. If you are posting less, it is the best idea to promote your post in stories. For that, take a screenshot of your profile, blur your latest post and post it on your story. It will encourage your audience to see your post. 

18. Post quotes 

Seeing some motivational quotes in the morning will make it better on that day. So it is best to post quotes regularly on your stories. People will get more interest in seeing your quotes regularly. 

19. Go Live

You need to host the live sessions if you want massive follower growth on Instagram. Live videos are the best way to talk with your followers and share your thoughts with them. 

20. Unboxing Story

It is also one of the important methods to enhance your business. Shooting videos of unboxing your products and posting them in your story will increase your brand’s chance of becoming popular. 

Summing up

Whether you choose to grow your audience naturally or using targeted advertisements, it is important to give your customers a genuine message. Take your own time to know them, understand what language they are speaking. Be very careful while creating content and patiently grow your organic followers.