Content is king! Indeed it is, especially so when you are driving your business from website traffic. Search engine optimization becomes very crucial in order to rank high in the search engine results page. In today’s time, when most businesses are either platform-based or going digital to reach out to the customers beyond geographical boundaries, SEO friendly content becomes very important. What is SEO in content? It is the search engine optimized content that is created with the goal of attracting more traffic to the website. How can you create SEO-optimized content? Here are a few tips to create strong user-friendly and SEO-friendly content for your blogs and guest posting.

Identify the Niche

Who are you creating the content for? This is the first question that you need to answer when embarking on creating content. Make a checklist of questions like:
       What is the ideal target audience for your product/service?
       Who are your current customers?
       Is there are a potential market for your product/service?
Once you get a brief on who you are going to create content for, your content becomes much more niche-specific. Providing niche-specific content makes sure that you are answering real questions and offering solutions rather than just creating white noise. This way, you are not only catering to the existing audience but also reaching out to the new audience. Staying relevant to your industry niche will keep you in the vicinity of your intended audience.

Keyword Optimization

Once you have decided on the niche, find out what your customers are searching for? This is exactly where you are likely to get your content ideas from. Many SEO services in Hyderabad recommend using keyword search tools like Google Keyword Planner and KW Finder. Google Keyword Planner is the best way to start your research on keywords; you will also get the volume of search for that particular keyword. A keyword planner helps in organizing, editing, and optimizing your keyword list. As you have the search volume associated with each keyword, you can strategize its placement accordingly. Keywords that are too competitive should be replaced with slightly lower-ranked keywords.

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High-Quality Content

Content organization comes secondary to keyword optimization. The content on your website should be logically reasonable and understandable to the user. The value creation of the content cannot be paralleled by any amount of keyword optimization. Once the user lands on your page, it’s perhaps the value derived from the content, which makes them stay. Hence, the importance of high-quality content cannot be understated.

Headline and Sub-Header

The black hat techniques of SEO friendly content are passé and should be avoided at all cost.  Google algorithms are tweaked very frequently as they aim at providing the best user experience. These black hat techniques like keyword stuffing, link schemes, and doorway pages are penalized by Google’s new ranking algorithms. Hence, the focus and the weight of good SEO content falls back on the structure of the content and on-page SEO.
Good content should be easy to read and a user is more likely to share this type of content. Important on-page SEO techniques like Title tags, Meta keywords attributes, and Meta Description attributes must be enhanced. The title tag is the most important parameter that is attributed to the ranking of your page in search results. You can also link back your articles to high-quality and legitimate websites as you can cite credible sources in your content.
Other techniques for SEO friendly content include optimizing your images and making content more shareable by adding social media plugins. Making it compatible for all kinds of devices is the key. Almost every digital marketing company in Gurgaon, Delhi or any other place specialize in this and many other services that help build your business by driving more traffic to your website.

Benefits of Good Copywriting for your Business

When using copywriting services, good writing should be impactful, important, and succinct. As many online consumers will judge your company from its website, it is essential that the copy is executed to perfection.

1. Marketing Strategy

Your professional copywriting services should largely benefit your brand’s overall marketing strategy.

Include in your copy the company’s goals, personality, audience, and area of expertise to ensure your material stands out from the crowd, is tailored to your business, and aids your consumers in any information they may require.

Create new life within your marketing with a fresh take on copywriting, and follow through with complimentary graphics to complete the overall impression.

Impress your clients and establish respect with your peers. Good copy should stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons.

2. Specific Content

Unlike content heavy platforms of novels or essays, your website is an advertising tool to be used when required. Information should be short and sweet and your copy should never be annoying or too self-involved.

Ensure the information is written in a detailed but concise fashion, and delivers the content without pandering to your audience.

Keeping these points in mind will grasp the attention of consumers and turn their clicks into Return On Investment (ROI).

3. Right Materials

When searching for copywriters, it is essential to look for a writer who knows how to successfully deliver compact information.

Writing copy is a skill not everyone will be able to master, mainly due to its fast nature and need for direct answers rather than fluffy descriptions.

Consumers are not looking to jump through hoops for information, if the content is not on the first page; they are likely to look somewhere else.

Answer questions and provide information in a straightforward manner while ensuring you stick to the client’s personality. It is not easy, but it is important.

4. SEO

Great copy writing businesses will include SEO within their services for written work.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will deliver content, while implementing relevant keywords into its material to promote your business to the top of the search engine ladder. With over 3 billion Google searches every year, and many people not venturing further than the first page, it is essential for your business to land as high as possible.

Ensure your business gets promoted through the implementation of keywords and their search statistics online.

5. Professional

Deliver a lasting, professional impression by engaging in quality copywriting services.

Words are essential for delivering not just the message, but also the tone for companies.

Matching a professional graphic and website with perfected copy will impress your potential clients and deliver ROI.

Good copywriting should empathise with its readers, deliver solutions, and keep the tone of voice that carries through the rest of your company’s materials.

Regardless of the tone your copy adopts, ensure that clarity is always front of mind. Copywriting services are only a success if the material turns into engagement, and leads to clicks.


When using copywriting services, ensure the writing is concise, impactful and delivers information—with these points checked, your copy should be churning out leads in no time!