It is interesting to note that some of the current OTT subscribers have never been patrons of cable TV or satellite channels. Along with the older generation that is cutting chords and switching to on-demand streaming, they have forced distributors and producers of entertainment to change. Distribution channels now run online content. The rapid growth puts the spotlight on key service providers who can help distributors to monetize through OTT media advertising.

The Steady Growth Figures Of OTT Services

  • From 2017, there has been a steady decline in cable and satellite subscriptions.

  • In the next two years, personalized content will be through multi-channel screens. Around 61% of young adults are hooked on to OTT services.

  • There is a high awareness of brand awareness via OTT content as it is tailor made. Viewers do not skip it and have a high recall rate. Just goes to show in which direction the media advertising will go in the next 5 years.

It is amply clear how distributors will require new management teams to control this new trend. They will involve technical support to ensure uninterrupted VOD services. With clear figures of advertising that will not be blocked, it paves the way for a better revenue-based channel of original and curated content. To serve the chord-cutter generation further in 2019, they will have to ramp up to move the business forward.

So, what are the possible solutions to be patched up with core capabilities and infrastructure?

Provision For Dynamic Ad Insertion

There are exclusive technical support services and solutions that monetize operations without letting the viewer-experience suffer. Some of the potential opportunities are related to:

  1. Ramping the operator’s infrastructure to accommodate new processes. From the server itself, new ad insertions can be programmed or fitted for personalized streaming. It will include ad blocker insertions. It will have embedded impressions to track ads that are being viewed.
  2. The advantage reaches local content viewership and promotes targeted advertising.
  3. Does it have any privacy or security? Of, course it does and that is why an expert management team provides explicit support. Piracy is at zero levels with advanced technology processes.
  4. Advertising inventory can be ordered according to specifications of individual distributors and operators. The value of the inventory is enhanced with regulatory permissions that do not affect the subscribers or infringe on their privacy of viewing content.
  5. Virtual channels can be created with technical processes without the effect of the content blackout and focus on targeted audiences.

Audience Data Advantage

Across most homes in the US, video data is increasing via connected TV or mobile streaming. The growth of OTT services has added a new revenue model for operators. They have social proof of audience data numbers that they cannot ignore. As programming is now all over the internet, video marketing has also stepped up. With switching technical gears from cable & satellite to internet viewing, the advantages are well-defined.

  1. There is abundant time to view an ad compared to traditional TV. The ad occurs on the multi-screens and can be seen uniformly.
  2. The target audience is very centralized and niche, depending on their viewing habits.
  3. Presents access to precise audience data with accurate demographics. The time stamp of viewership is visible. It helps operators to insert ads at the appropriate time and tracking it.
  4. Insertion of ads can be based on ‘frame-precision.’
  5. Content replacement is managed by the technical team.
  6. Service providers offer personalization with any player- i.e. the ads can be inserted in any ABR formats like HSL, Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH.

Technology Management & Expertise

Operators can monitor the viewers, habits, and choices in choosing content. The analytics is useful to ramp up business and offer programs that the viewers like. When an operator ties up with a technical team they can make full usage of the consumption of content and improvise schedules of programs to get comprehensive data logs. The modular structure helps in scalability of internal operations. The technical teams offer their expertise in the following architectural units:

  1. Deployment of pre-integrated servers
  2. Commercial off-the-shelf servers
  3. Cloud-based consumption

Benefits For The Consumers

Collaborating with the world’s best service providers offers the most advanced product offerings that have a blend of the right technology for OTT services. It helps the viewers to adapt to the new service model. Viewers do not have to use any specific player integration, and it is cost-effective. They will not have to suffer disconnections, buffering, or interruption with the upgraded software. Ad blockers are not able to detect the ads, and they are seen and recalled easily.

Are you ready to cut the chords of past business trends and move on?