Maintaining proper posture when playing the piano is vital to avoid chronic injuries. We are going to spend many hours in front of our piano so it is important to take care of our health in order to enjoy our instrument a lot.

We have to keep our shoulders relaxed and our buttocks as close to the edge of the bench as we can so that we can move correctly along the keyboard. The elbows have to be at the level of the keyboard more or less. That is why it is necessary to have a good adjustable stool.

Musical notes and piano keys

Well, now that you’re in front of a keyboard, we’re going to explain what you’re seeing. You will be in front of a keyboard with black and white keys. A real piano has 88 keys, but it is very possible that you are with a keyboard of 61 keys or 32, because they are the most affordable keyboards. Although this is more than enough for the course.

The white keys represent the musical notes do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-is and each of the keys receives the name of the key it represents. If a DO sounds when you press a key that is the name of that key.

You are wondering, and what are the black keys? Well, they are variations of those notes. For example, the black key next to an OD on the right side is called DO #. And it’s a little more acute DO. This is a bit more complex but for now, you just need to know this.

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Our first stop and let’s touch!

At this point, you already know that they are the keys of a piano and although you do not understand many concepts you are already able to start playing notes on the piano. The first thing we will do is play an octave from left to right. The notes on the left are the most severe on the piano and the ones on the right are the most acute. So we will first do the octave of C with the white keys from C to C to C and then backward.

When we make this octave we are really doing what is called a scale. For now, let this concept sound simple. In the next video, you will see how they DO scale is done, so practice it on your keyboard in the same way. offers everything you need to learn how to play jazz piano online. Everyone, from beginners to advanced players, will find helpful resources to improve their jazz piano playing.

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The chords, what they are and how they are formed

First of all, we are going to answer the question of what a chord is. One of the wonders of the piano is that we can press several keys at the same time and these will sound at the same time. The sound produced by pressing several notes at the same time is what is called a chord. So we can say that a chord is a sound formed by several musical notes playing simultaneously.

There are many chords but basically, the ones you have to learn first are the major chords and the minor chords. These chords are formed by three notes and have certain rules to be constructed.

It is often said that the major chords are cheerful and the minor chords sound bleak or sad. We will explain how the major and minor chords of the DO scale are formed.

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