There are many subscription services on the Internet that offer an impressive collection of online movies and TV shows in good HD quality. They all feature new blockbusters (thrillers, action films, comedies, horrors, dramas), as well as timeless classics. Paid online streaming platforms is a great way to legally watch movies without ads.

Most online streaming platforms can be watched in a browser on a computer or downloaded a special application for a smartphone (iOS, Android) and SMART TV. However, there are many of them like Soap2day are offering many ways and are really great at providing quality content with the same offers too.

Subscribers to the streaming online movie theater must have high-speed home Internet and a stable Wi-Fi connection in order to watch the video with good surround sound in 4K resolution.


Peers.TV is one of the best places to watch online movies and subscribed TV shows. Their database contains thousands of full-length action movies, comedies, fiction in HD quality for only 1 ruble. Connect the cartoon package for children so that the child watches.

You can access the latest TV shows and films from across the globe. online platform hosts round-the-clock content of worldwide TV channels and shows with your favorite actors. A convenient search will help you quickly navigate the site and choose the right movie.

The site has content from many countries, including Russia, the USA, Great Britain, South Korea and India. No need to pay for every single product from the movie library, just turn off the display of ads or get an inexpensive subscription for a month.


The famous foreign online cinema Netflix is ​​gaining popularity worldwide. The cinema base has a large number of popular films, television shows and anime with high-rated film critics. A 30-day trial subscription will allow you to evaluate the convenience of the service and make a decision on further payment of the tariff plan. Video can be downloaded to your device to watch it offline. Download new episodes and watch the series on board during flights.

The number of paintings is not limited by subscription, for 7 euros per month; viewers get endless access to content without advertising and additional payments. Every day, new films, series, and shows are added to the online cinema database. Netflix video plays only in high-quality Full HD and with good sound. On the service, you can watch movies in the original voice acting.

Netflix has a recommendation system, evaluate the content you have watched and the service will advise new series and films based on your preferences. According to site visitors, online cinema is one of the best and takes 4 places in the selection.

Movie Search

Movie search has long earned credibility as a newsreel, and now viewers can watch movies at the online movie theater of the same name. By subscription, a huge database of movies and TV shows is available, which can be turned on a large screen without losing image quality. Choose the voice acting that you like more: original, dubbing or amateur.

If you do not have time to watch a new series from the TV, you can stop the video. The service will remember where the pause was and continue playing from the same place on the smartphone on Android and iOS. It gives the opportunity to try the service for 30 days free.  Daily updates are added to the online cinema, thanks to the subscription, viewers watch new episodes on the day of the premiere. If you do not know what to see in the evening, go to the “Collections” section. Thousands of films are divided into genres, themes, ratings. Due to the high ratings and recognition of the audience, the service is in the ranking of the best-paid online cinemas for watching movies.

Google Play Movies

One popular home entertainment is to watch a good movie at the Google Play Movies online movie theater. Select a video and enjoy watching it on any device (smartphone, tablet, TV). Movies and TV shows can be inexpensively downloaded to the cache for viewing offline. Record the new season of the series in the smartphone library in order to pass the time on the road.

If the movie has not yet been released, you can add it to your wish list. The Google Play Movies app will notify you that the picture has become available for purchase or rental. The application will be useful for learning foreign languages. Before you start watching, select the appropriate audio track and adjust the subtitles if prompts are required.

In the smartphone application, you can create a list of watched movies, based on which recommendations will be formed. Google Play Movies governs age-related content. If parental control with age is activated in the settings, adult pictures will not be visible in the catalog. The function will be relevant for a children’s tablet, smartphone or Google family account.


It’s a very famous and reliable platform for watching/streaming online movies and TV shows and a lot more. is quite special and quite popular among the masses as it’s free for everyone. Anyone can visit the site and watch content without the need of paying or any other account creation.

You can high-quality HD content all the time with a fast streaming time. No delays whatsoever. With that, it also offers downloading of those movies too. No ads are displayed and it’s safe from any viruses/malware which is a common problem on such sites nowadays. So, don’t wait just go and watch it.


The Media Library

The creators of the cinema hall the media library prepared for the audience a large list of films, cartoons and TV shows. If you do not know what to see, go to the “Collections” section and select a picture that suits your mood: light comedies, historical series, family sagas, films with a bright visual style. To start watching, just register on the site and select the appropriate subscription period.

For new subscribers, it gives 7 days of free viewing of films and TV shows. Cinema fans will appreciate the Premiere Calendar feature, in which new episodes are scheduled every day. In addition to films in good quality HD 720, TV channels are available. Turn on the broadcast to view world hits and new high-rated paintings.

An online movie theater account is available on five different devices: a smartphone, tablet, smart TV or set-top box. A cinema subscription can be purchased as a gift for a person who likes to watch movies on Android. Pay the subscription period and specify the recipient’s e-mail address to send a special link.