Are you a little bit chubbier than your siblings or friends? Do you have those muffin tops that peek around your waistline? Don’t worry you look gorgeous and beautiful the way you are. But, we got your back if you want to get rid of the extra unhealthy fat. Are your loved ones constantly poking you to lose some weight? Don’t you worry..!! We gotch ya..!!

If you have spent a hefty amount of your precious time on the internet, then you, by now, may have processed the information that a ‘Low Carb’ diet is the best way to lose some kilos and that too in a healthy way. But first thing first, before acting on, you should know what a Low Carb Diet is and what’s all the buzz about. That’s where this blog post comes in the role.

How to define a Low Carb Diet?

A low carbohydrate diet is not only characterized by abandoning carbohydrates but choosing between the right type of carbs in your diet. With a modern-day life which we are leading, carbohydrates are omnipresent. They are all around us. So simply shutting down the intake of carbs is not a cool idea.

Instead of banning all the carbs in name of a low carbs diet, try replacing the simple carbs in your diet (rice, refined grains, refined flour, white rice etc.) with a healthy variant known something as Complex Carbs.

Complex Carbs are such a variant of the carbohydrates which are least refined and factory processed, which means they are totally organic and safe to consume.

What should you “Nom Nom” on?

Including spring vegetables like Artichokes and Asparagus in your salad is a great start for a diet plan. Also, switch to brown rice from the classic white rice. Try including natural fats like butter, clarified butter, cheese and, cottage cheese which are the best examples of foods having complex carbs.

If you cannot decide just one thing for your lunch, then you can learn to cook some mouth-watering and tempting salads which are always a number one in the diet food list. Also if you want to cut the hassle off and don’t want to boggle up your mind every day trying to make a pact between your taste buds and health, go for an online menu focusing on a low carb diet. This way you can save a lot of time and energy. Thank us later..!!   

What shouldn’t you “Nom Nom” on?

  • White sugar.
  • Soft drinks containing Fructose.
  • Pasta/Noodles, anything that has all-purpose flour in it.
  • Bread.
  • Honey.

Deftness Behind Low Carb Diets :

According to research, it has been proved that a low-carb diet is more effective than a low-fat diet for the same amount of time. According to the research, a low carbs diet has high-fat content and highly ketogenic nature, this uses suppression of hankering as the mechanism for losing some extra kilos. According to a research article, a low carbs diet strictly doesn’t include sugars like fructose and sucrose which are the major hunger promoting carbohydrates of the human body.

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A beginners guide to low carb diet