Detoxify The Body

The process of removing toxics from the body is known as detoxification. It is the method used in cleansing the blood, liver and other organs from impurities, where toxins are processed for elimination.
The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, lungs, lymphatic systems and the skin. When these systems are compromised, the impurities aren’t properly filtered and the body is adversely affected.
There are many ways to remove harmful substances from the body but the best way is using natural remedies which is cheap and easily available from our own homes.
The used of organic food and vegetables are so satisfying that people are adopted them every moment.

Why do we need to detoxify our body?

Everyday our body is constantly exposed to pollution, dirt, dust, perfumes, food preservatives, sweeteners, toxic from household cleaners, alcohols, smokes and many more.
So there is a constant need to eliminate all these toxics which enters our body daily.
The accumulation of toxics in the body for a longer period of time leads to ill health. Natural detoxify is the right way to get rid of all these substances that are present in the body.
We should detoxify our body once in a year. Even though our body is naturally designed to detox itself but with time it can be overwhelmed due to the volume of toxins exposed in its environment.
Men’s and Women’s health depends largely on how the body boost the energy level and fight back the diseases.
Detoxification brings good health and vigour to the body. True healing requires a detoxification of both mind and body.

Steps to detoxify the body:

Here are the best ways to detoxify the body using natural ingredients which are organic and chemicals free.

1. Beets and carrots.

Beets and carrots can be used as smoothie drinks in the morning. Grind these two together and make a smoothie. Beetroots and carrots are rich in vitamin A, C, B-complex and minerals like magnesium, potassium and iron.
They are rich in antioxidants like lycopene and anthocyanins, that helps build the immune system and control cholesterol. They also have anti-aging properties, keeping the skin elasticity. Beetroots and carrots are good for gallbladder and liver. They also helps improve digestion.

2. Apples

They are wonderful fruits full of nutrients, fibers, vitamins and many phytochemicals substances such as quercetin, catechin, phloridzin and chlorogenic acid, all of which are strong anti-oxidants and helps in detox the body which may decreases the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.
Apples helps detox food additives from the body due to the present of pectin, which flushes food additives. It is best to eat raw organic apples, as they are free from pesticides

3. Berries

These are rich source of vitamin C and fibers. They helps in weight loss and the best way to consume them is to crush them and used their juices to detox the body.
Berries are the powerhouse for body detoxification. You can have them with yogurt or with creams, in which they taste so good. Berries prevent cancer and acts as anti-inflammatory. 

4. Lemons

Lemons are the best when it comes to detox the body. They help with gastric problems and are very good for cleansing. Lemons releases an enzymes in the body that help convert toxins into water-soluble substances.
 Squeeze a fresh lemon in Luke warm water and drink it in the morning before meal. You can also add honey in it as well as ginger for good digestion.

5. Mixed fruits

Make it a habit to eat a variety of fruits or a mixture of fruits once in a week. Fruits are rich source of anti-oxidants which helps and prevent different types of diseases in the body.
All fruits have 60-70% of water content in them which helps stimulates the body’s organs. A mixture of fresh fruits everyday will helps detox your liver, pancreas and lymph. Having fresh fruits everyday will make your body looks younger and healthier. 

6. Turmeric

Last but not the least; turmeric has so many medicinal properties. We used it every day as a flavor but its benefits can best obtained if we used it raw or grind it at home.
Many ayurvedic medicines include turmeric as their main component for liver and digestive disorder. It is good for the skin, good for gums problems, has good antiseptic properties and it acts as a dye too. The best way to used turmeric in our daily life is to use it fresh not dried. Having a freshly slice turmeric everyday in the diet will do wonders for your body.

7. Creating healthy habits

Put yourself into practicing healthy habits everyday by eating a healthy diet, exercise and work out.
A healthy habits behavior benefits your physical, mental and emotional health. It improves your overall health and makes you feel good.
Always make it a habit to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid bad habits as much as you can.
Above all, Eat healthy Stay healthy.