Toothache is worse than getting a knife straight through your chest.
Only those who get toothaches, time to time, will know this very well.

The throbbing and thumping pain that starts from the root of the tooth, then the swelling of the gum line, then the ear pain along with it, and then the head ache on the connected side, will send you running all over the town in search of painkillers or antibiotics, in the middle of the night.
I have suffered it man. I know it pretty well!

The best way to prevent toothaches or gum infections, which are always intolerable, is to take proper dental health care measures from a young age.
Those who skipped this part, are now witnessing an escalated teeth and gum problem.

The issue is still manageable, if you are the only member of the family experiencing bad oral health.
But, things can be very upsetting, if the majority of your family members start to complain about dental problems. Believe, it’s time then, to get your family secured by going for regular dental health check-ups.

Thus, without any further delay, you should know the importance of family dental health care! Dentistry has made many advancements, and bringing your whole family under its light of protection, is the wisest thing to do, when it comes to oral health.

Consult a family dentist over a general dentist:

Family dentists have specialized in treatment procedures surrounding all age groups. Whereas you can say, that general dentists are mostly concerned about adult dentistry that typically doesn’t cover pediatric dentistry or advanced oral health of old adults.

The perks of having a family dentist are many. The biggest positive side is probably a single dentist or a single clinic will be keeping a record of the total dental history of your family. And, trust me this is far better than having separate dental consultants for separate members of your family. Too many cooks spoil the broth!

If you come from Kolkata, West Bengal, then there is this Newtown dental clinic in kolkata, that houses reputed dentists of the city, and the best part is, nearly all the dentists practising there are well trained in Family Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry. Do take a visit down there, if you are staying nearby.

Why are regular dental checkups important for people of all age groups?
Your teeth might look fine and good from the outside, but things might not be so healthy from the inside.

A tooth is composed of several layers, that can pose issues at various levels. Some might experience an enamel erosion, while one might have a bad bite, or gingivitis.

But, most of all, oral health related problems don’t erupt suddenly, or just like that. Signs and symptoms may indicate a serious infection that will be prominent after, may be a few years!!

And, this is the sole reason why we advise people to take up regular visits to a dental clinic.
Only periodical scans made of gum lines and roots, can point out any oncoming serious oral health disease or illness.

Dentistry is a very detailed and minute study, belonging to the field of medicines. It’s not only about the general idea of fixing, extracting, and replacing teeth.
The modern works of dentistry are currently expanded over critical cosmetic surgeries to oral cancer identification and therapies. It has now become a more complex and diverse medical subject than before.

Especially, when talking about Oral Cancer, this is a rising concern among several medical practitioners.
That’s because the symptoms of oral cancer in the early stages are not significant enough to notice, being a layman.

To the surprise of many, oral cancer is also a domination illness among children too. Hope you are understanding the gravity of this disturbing condition.

Therefore, without any delay find the right dentist, for you and your family, so as to be aware and preventive of any future complications related to dental and oral health, that might rupture your family’s happiness.
Dental Care

Some common Dental illnesses, you need to know for the well being of your family:

Considering you are an active member of your family, it’s important you know the very basic dental health problems, to take the right precautionary measures at the right time.

These are namely, Cavities, Gingivitis, Bad bites and occlusion, and Oral Cancer.


  • Cavities and Gingivitis:


The most common of all dental health issues, cavities and gingivitis occur mostly among children and young adults.

They usually start off as a bad breath and swelling of the gum lines along the base of the teeth. Mild to severe redness, followed by full swelling can result in Gingivitis. This usually happens when the mouth is not cleaned properly on a daily basis, and can also result from gum line haemorrhage caused by wrong brushing techniques or unsuitable toothpastes.

Things will start to worsen in both Cavities and Gingivitis with the onset of toothaches. To temporarily ease out toothaches, gum swelling and pain, you can use painkillers for a short period of time, but it’s recommended to visit the dentist as soon as possible.


  • Occlusion and bad bites:


Most prominent in children, you should take a note of this from a very early age. This means, even if your child’s milk teeth are not aligned, then also you should not ignore it.

Dentists nowadays recommend temporary braces or bridges to re-align deciduous teeth in children. This ensures proper structure of the permanent teeth, as they start to come out in children.

Occlusion treatment is vital if any member of your family is experiencing pain in the jaws while eating, drinking, or even talking!


  • Oral Cancer:


Early signs and symptoms are nearly impossible to detect. (That’s why regular dental checkups are important)

But, a small white patch or a painless lump on any part of the oral wall is not to be overlooked. More so if the lump or patch is painless, numb, or insensitive to touch.

Plus keep a look, if any member of the family is going through sudden weight loss, or lingering fever, and paleness of skin.

Your family’s health is in your hands.
Spread the awareness of regular dental checkups so as to protect and conserve the future of the upcoming generations and the the society itself.

We wish you a healthy and happy life ahead.