How bedbugs affect your comfort at home

Do you know bed bugs feed solely on human blood? The bites inflicted by these insects can affect you psychologically and may cause irritable rashes and allergic reaction to your skin, and worse still blisters on the affected areas.

Most people think that bed bugs depict destitution and poor hygienic conditions. On the contrary, they can attack any home in disregard of the high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. It’s possible to pick up a bedbug from anywhere, be it public transport, public places or from a friend’s home and transport it and infest your home. Furthermore, bed bugs eggs are very tiny and not easy to detect. Infestation can occur in any home despite all the precautions you put in place.


How do you detect bed bugs infestation?

Bed bugs know where to get the target, and the obvious place is your bed. They lay in wait during the day only to resurface at night when you retire after a day’s break. These pests are nocturnal, and to spot them during the day is proof that the infestation is bursting the brims. They’ve hidden in cracks and crevices, bed joints, and due to population, they’re looking for every place to convert into a suitable hideout.

Bed bugs produce a unique smell, and once they feed on your blood, they excrete and leave brownish stains on the bed and the beddings and any other area they’ve infested. You don’t require a microscope to see these pests since they’re visible and can be seen with naked eyes.

These are ways to protect your home from bed bugs infestation.

It’s possible to transport bedbugs into your home through second-hand items like clothes and furniture. The previous owners may have exposed this old furniture due to bed bug issues.

Carry out a thorough check before you bring such items into your home to ensure they are free from bed bugs and other pests. Please don’t mix the second-hand clothes with your clothes before you launder them and dry using high temperatures to kill any pests that could be hiding there.

A bed bug can hide even in the shoes, have them cleaned thoroughly interiorly to ensure no bed bug could be hiding there. You may be living in a clean hotel. However, you cannot rule out picking pests during your flight back home.

If you share laundry machines, it’s essential to transport the dirty clothes in sealed plastic bags to ensure you don’t spread the infestation to other people. All your laundered clothes should be checked first on arrival to ensure you didn’t pick bed bugs from the dry cleaning shop or the common laundering place.

Carry out regular checks on the beds within your home to ensure there’s no infestation. If spotted, use every method to eradicate the pests before they spread to other areas.

Do comprehensive fumigation to the whole home. Bed bugs cannot stand high temperatures, and with regular treatment heating laundry machine, it’s a better idea if you had one in your home. It’s essential to expose the beddings into such heat once in a while.

Regular vacuum cleaning of the sofa seats and carpets will not spare any bedbug or other pests like fleas that could be hiding therein. It’s wise to protect than look for a cure. Use every possible method to deter these pests from invading your home.

How do bed bugs affect your comfort and lifestyle?

Discomfort is real when you retire to bed, and you can’t sleep. Within a few minutes of resting on your bed and switching off the lights, the bed bugs emerge immediately to satisfy their hunger. Until they bite and get full, you’ll have no peace in your beautiful, expensive bed.

It affects you psychologically and may affect your sleeping patterns and generally affect your health. A bed bug can go without food for a long time until such a time when it gets a target to feed on his blood.

These pests leave you shameful if they attack your guests. Most people would not understand that the pests can attack anyone despite the social standing. There is a misconception that they are brought about by poor sanitation, filth, and negligence. The infestation will portray a picture that is not in you, and it destroys your self-esteem or ego.

It’s not possible to go explaining to every person who visits your home the desperate situation you face from bed bugs infestation. You can’t prevent your friends from visiting your home because it’s infested, only a few who would understand your predicaments.

People will keep off your home if a word spreads that there are bed bugs. The infestation is taken very seriously and will one way, or the other affect your social standing.

There is that sense of fear when you visit social places, knowing your home is infested with pests. You’re not sure if a bed bug is clinging on your clothes, and as you enjoy a drink or relax with your friends in a social place, the pest can emerge and embarrass you.

That fear will always ring in your mind if bed bugs are mentioned. This is how the situation can affect you psychologically and may take considerable time to clear from your mind. Spotting any insects on your bed or upholstery sends a cold shiver, considering the tedious methods used to clear them completely from your house.

Though bed bugs are not associated with any disease, they are traumatizing and affect the quality of your life. You and your family will not be comfortable in your home and to other people who interact closely with you. Infestation causes stress, disrupts your sleeping pattern, which may lead to insomnia, and embarrassment is real.


The infestation is not about filth; this is just a misconception associated with the nuisance brought about by bedbugs. Anybody can fall victim to the social status notwithstanding. They can live in any environment, clean or dirty. Protect your home from infestation though an attack cannot be ruled out despite the measures you put in place. Be alert, and if a bed bug is spotted, address the issue with the fastest speed to prevent multiplicity.